VN-Argentina trade turnover sets new record in 2014

15:29 | 16/01/2015

VGP – Viet Nam-Argentina trade turnover set a new record of US$1.9 billion in 2014, up 20.6% from the previous year.

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Viet Nam’s exports and imports from Argentina were more than US$214 million and US$1.7 billion, up 5% and 23%, respectively.

Viet Nam sold sports shoes (accounting for 46% of the export turnover), electronics, garments, toys, plastic iron and steel to Argentina and purchased materials used for producing feed, cereals, seafood, footwear materials and cotton from Argentina.

The two nations’ trade turnover sharply increased in the context that Argentina regards Viet Nam as one of the 15 dynamic emerging economies of its export priority in 2014 and 2015.

By Thuy Dung