VN enjoys trade surplus from US

11:05 | 20/11/2014

VGP – The exports of Viet Nam’s phones, computers, electronics and accessories to the US witnessed a sharply increase over the past months of 2014.

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According to the information of the Viet Nam Customs, as of October, Viet Nam’s export and import turnover to the US reached US$23.557 billion and US$5.206 billion, respectively.

As a result, the nation enjoyed a trade surplus of US$18.351 billion so far. An increase in the export turnover of US$4.107 billion was recorded in comparison with the same period last year.

The export of garment topped the list with US$8.17 billion, up 14.2%, followed by footwear with US$2.68 billion, up 25.8%.

The phones and spare parts exports to the US doubled with US$1.1 billion.

In October 2014, the exports of computers, electronics and accessories to the US earned US$189 million, contributing to the figure of US$1.64 billion over the past 10 months, up 41.8%.  

Viet Nam earned US$1.43 billion from exporting aquatic products to the country in 10 months, up 20.6%.

In the reviewed period, the nation’s total export and import turnover attained US$123.83 billion and US$121.47 billion, up 14.1% and 11.5%, respectively.

By Thuy Dung