VOV’s K-pop contest finale to take place on January 10

VOV's K-pop contest, a playground for young K-pop fans, has come to Viet Nam for the first time though the joint efforts of The Voice of Vietnam, Broadcasting Development Joint Stock Company (BDC), and Sublime Entertainment Concert Company.

The finale, to be joined by popular Vietnamese and Korean artists on Friday, January 10, at VOV headquarters in Hanoi, will be broadcast live on VOV's media channels: Vietnam Journey, VTC, VOV3, VOV5 and VOV online.

Participants will have a chance to win the 1st prize of 50 million VND, along with many other prizes.

The best performers may also have an opportunity to work with Korean producers and choreographers to debut in Korea or Viet Nam, and may be assisted on the production and marketing of their MVs and CDs.

Source: VOV5