WB funds Thai Nguyen’s urban infrastructure improvement project

The World Bank has approved 80 million USD in loan to enhance the quality of key urban infrastructure in Thai Nguyen city, the capital of northern Thai Nguyen province.

The funds will be spent to construct and upgrade urban roads and bridges, improve local drainage system, urban amenities and public spaces and build preschools. It will also support better urban planning and management, taking into account climate change and disaster risks.

The project is expected to directly benefit more than 81,000 residents of the city from improved urban infrastructure that will reduce the risk of flooding and expand access to improved sanitation, reduce vehicle travel times on new and improved roads and increase access to child care services and public spaces.

It will also improve connectivity to industrial parks, commercial establishments and tourist attractions, which will benefit workers and merchants commuting to and from the project city as well as tourists visiting Thai Nguyen city.

Source: VOV5