White Book on Vietnamese businesses 2019 to come late May: GSO

The book, containing basic information on the assessment of businesses' growth in the 2011-15 and 2016-18 periods, is hoped to bolster the development of firms across the country. It also introduces the context of development and production targets for domestic businesses in the previous year and the 2016-18. Also included in the book are rankings of foreign direct investment (FDI) firms, State-owned enterprises and private businesses, which were based on different criteria such as growth rate, business efficiency, tax payment, contributions to the State budget, and workers' incomes in respective locality, among others.

Various policies and resolutions facilitating the development of Vietnamese enterprises have received approval over the years, notably Resolution No.35/NQ-CP dated May 2016 to support domestic firms to 2020, and Resolution No.19/NQ-CP to carry out measures to improve the business climate and national competitiveness to 2020.

Source: People's Army Newspaper