World community condemns North Korea’s missile test

The US, Japan, and South Korea have called on the UN Security Council to convene an urgent meeting to discuss the latest launch of a ballistic missile by North Korea.

NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg condemned the test, saying it is a further violation of multiple UN Security Council Resolutions. Mr. Stoltenberg stated that North Korea's consistent provocations and violations of binding UN Security Council Resolutions undermine regional and international security.? ?He called on Pyongyang to refrain from further provocations, and re-engage in a credible and meaningful dialogue with the international community.

South Korea said on Monday it is considering test-firing a ballistic missile in response to the North's missile launch. Yonhap News Agency quoted a South Korean defense ministry official as saying they were reviewing measures to discard security concerns and show their determination to retaliate against any aggression by the North. The official said the military is mulling over live firing the Hyunmoo missiles.

Source: VOV5