World strengthens security at Christmas

Indonesia's police say they have strengthened security in churches and tourist places.

Indonesia will deploy some 180,000 security personnel ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays, authorities said, following the arrests of more than a dozen suspected militants in the world's biggest Muslim-majority country. A crowd of volunteers are ready to join the security forces if necessary.

In Egypt, some 2,600 churches across the country, the overwhelming majority of which are Coptic, will be under protection. Security officers will also be deployed to parks and popular tourist sites. Security measures will include closed-circuit television and metal detector systems at parks of worship. Close to a quarter-million security forces will stand guard outside Christmas celebrations throughout Egypt during the festive season, following a series of church and mosque bombings that rocked the country earlier this year. Egypt has also increased security measures to prevent terrorists penetrating from northern Sinai to other provinces.

In Pakistan, volunteers in churches are provided with skills to check and identify suspects among visitors to the church.

Germany has tightened security at Christmas markets across the country a year after a deadly truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market, with conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel under fire from victims' relatives for her handling of the case. About 2,600 Christmas markets reopened in late November with added security staff on patrol and concrete barriers to protect shoppers.

German police brought in experts and an explosives robot to investigate a suspicious package at a Christmas market in the city of Bonn late on Friday.

Britain has been increasing security measures and increased armed policemen to protect Christmas market. French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated determination to counter terrorism and the Sahel extremist group.

The US has put in place special security measures to counter terrorism and gun violence.

Source: VOV5