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Deputy PM: Large-scale outbreak should not occur if aggressive measures are taken

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has called for continued drastic measures to fight COVID-19, saying if these measures are implemented as aggressively as in the last 2 weeks, the disease will be controlled and a large-scale outbreak will not

Donors pledge nearly 300 million USD for Lebanon

Countries pledged nearly 300 million USD in emergency aid during a conference for Lebanon on Sunday. The teleconference was co-hosted by France and the UN following a blast last week at the Beirut port, fueled by thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate that had been improperly stored there for more than six years. The blast devastated

Chatbots and Telemedicine Join Vietnam’s COVID-19 Fight

An idea is percolating in Vietnam as it fights COVID-19: “send in the robots.” The pandemic has brought artificial intelligence (AI) more of a spotlight as nations around the world look for uses, from combing data for clues to predict an

Indian expert optimistic about Vietnam’s IT development potential

  Vietnam holds tremendous potential for information technology (IT) development thanks to its young and talented human resources and attractive investment climate, thereby becoming one of the brightest investment destinations for Indian firms, an Indian expert has said. Sanjay Gupta,

EU allows entry from 11 non-EU countries

 The European Union (EU) starts on Saturday to allow travelers from eleven non-EU countries to enter its external border. Starting from Saturday, the Council of the EU asked the EU member states to gradually lift the travel restrictions for residents

238 people injured in Beirut protests

 238 people were injured in public protests over Tuesday’s massive explosion in Beirut, said Lebanon Red Cross Society on Saturday. 10,000 people took part in confrontations in downtown Beirut to protest authority’s negligence which indirectly  led to Tuesday’s blast that devastated

ASEAN foreign ministers’ statement on maintaining peace and stability in Southeast Asia

The ASEAN foreign ministers’ joint statement on Saturday reiterated commitment to maintaining Southeast Asia as a region of peace, security, neutrality and stability, and strengthening peace-oriented values in the region in line with international law. They called on all countries

Nearly 20,000 rooftop solar power projects installed

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has announced that nearly 20,000 rooftop solar power projects with a combined capacity of 541.66 MWp were installed nationwide in the past seven months.   So far, more than 41,180 of such have been put into operation

World Powers Pledge Nearly $300 Million in Lebanon Aid in Wake of Beirut Blast

  World leaders pledged Sunday nearly $300 million (253 million euros) to Lebanon to help it recover from last week’s massive explosion in Beirut. More than 30 leaders, meeting by teleconference at the behest of French President Emmanuel Macron, said

US Tops 5 Million Coronavirus Infections

The United States has more coronavirus cases than any other country.  There are more than 5 million infections in the U.S., according to a New York Times database. Brazil and India follow as numbers two and three, respectively, in the number of