Prime Minister satisfied with visits to France-Italy

Japan, Prime Minister satisfied with European tour, reveals 2 French-Italian Prime Ministers. Confident in Thai politics After democratic elections, while the Italian Prime Minister promised to prepare to visit Thailand in February 2025, along with a trip to Phuket. Negotiating with EU to support Thai Schengen visa exemption Because Thai people have a good history and have not fled, telling good news about the opening of flights to Bangkok-Milan, D-Day 1 July, aiming to visit India-Africa-Turkey. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, gave an interview after the end of his official mission to the Republic of Italy and parallel activities that this visit to Italy It was considered successful beyond expectations. Because the steps were clearly defined as to what the steps would be in the future and what things would be done. He was very satisfied overall throughout the past several days. and believes that Thailand's political neutrality makes Thailand attractive Moreover, we are not in conflict with anyone. Bec ause of the matter of the business that will decide to move the production base into Italy must ensure that Thailand will be able to deliver goods without entering into conflict with any other country. Of course, life in Thailand Make people want to travel here. The Prime Minister said he had bilateral discussions with Mrs. Jorgia Meloni, Prime Minister of the Republic of Italy. On the occasion of his official departure to the Republic of Italy, it was considered a good opportunity. Because in addition to being the Prime Minister He is also the chairman of the world's leading industrialized countries (G7). This position allows him to influence member countries on many issues by holding one-on-one bilateral discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. Let's start with the topic of international relations. They have brought up the issue of visa exemptions for entry into the Schengen zone. Thailand has already discussed this matter with European member countries. which the Italian Prime Minister is ready to support Bec ause in the past Thai people who traveled to Italy had no problems with immigration, did not flee, and did not cause problems for Italy, there is no reason not to provide assistance to Thailand. The Prime Minister revealed that the Italian Prime Minister was the first person in Europe to ask why he wanted a Schengen-free visa. Aside from convenience, are there any other issues? He said that in addition to having convenience in approaching each other, it will also lead to investment. and there is exchange between citizens and citizens Applying for a free Schengen visa once is difficult and takes a long time. If you want to have trade between Thailand and the European Union (EU), it is necessary that there must be convenience in this matter, which the Italian Prime Minister has promised to fully push forward. Including free trade negotiations (FTA). If private companies in Italy want to invest in Thailand in order to expand their production base and distribute products around the world, FTA matters are importa nt. While the matter of stability The Prime Minister said Whether it's a matter of buying weapons. and joint military development The military attaché has been assigned to coordinate with Italian security. There is also the matter of developing a training system. and various technologies as well As for the design industry Fashion and design There was a discussion on this matter in order to exchange knowledge with each other. Because Italy has gone very far in this regard. For the matter of energy Italy is interested in the creation of clean energy. and searching for natural gas resources This matter is linked to the problem of overlapping areas in the Thai-Cambodian sea (OCA). The Prime Minister said that there was also an issue raised by the Italian authorities, namely the matter of workers wanting Thailand to send seasonal workers related to agriculture to work in Italy. In line with the labor needs of Thai people. which will make a very high income and is another option for Thai farmers In addition to g oing to Israel The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take a further look at this matter. The Prime Minister said that talking with the Italian Prime Minister It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, including time to eat together. It's considered a good thing. Because there are officials from many agencies participating In particular, the Land Bridge project has been raised and discussed. which Mr. Suriya Therefore, Rungruangkit Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport Also in the food circle As for the matter of expanding airports in Italy, there are many technologies that may offer to take part in this matter, and the Italian Prime Minister has suggested that Both countries should have clear specific target groups and have an MOU signed between the private sector and the private sector. and the private sector and the government The Prime Minister said that he also invited the Italian Prime Minister to pay an official visit to Thailand. during September But at that time the G7 meeting was held, so it wa s decided that there might be a visit in February 2025 with an invitation to the Italian Prime Minister. Travel to Phuket Province Because I know that I have never traveled to Thailand and I know that I have a 7 year old daughter who likes to travel. The Prime Minister revealed another good news that There will be a Bangkok-Milan flight on July 1 and during the winter there will be a Bangkok-Rome flight. It is expected that the national airline of Italy would probably be interested in this matter The Prime Minister acknowledged that in the past 10-20 years, the matter of trade between the two countries Thailand should do better than this. The reporter asked that both France and Italy Are you worried about the political situation in Thailand? Before deciding to invest in Thailand, the Prime Minister said that he was personally surprised. that the leaders of both countries do not talk about Thai politics But talking about business And he has very high confidence in Thailand. When asked, it shows that as of today he is confident. Is it in Thailand? Mr. Settha said he believed it was a matter of the entire movement. of acquiring the government according to democracy with righteousness This is where it ends. The fact that we travel to many countries and have seen appearances on many world stages Everyone sees that Thailand is now open for business. These matters are important. And there is no opportunity and moment that is as best as this moment. When asked about the meeting with the Prime Ministers of both countries The picture that came out looked like the Prime Minister. There was closeness and friendliness. The Prime Minister said he was delighted by the Italian Prime Minister. Even if you are a polite person But he is a person who can speak clearly. In addition, there were related parties who came to sit and talk with our side. It is considered a good sign. 'I probably won't wait until February. Two weeks will probably require follow-up. The Thai Ambassador will be contacted,' the Prime Minister said. When asked after finishing this trip Are there any plans to visit any other countries? The Prime Minister said he expected to go to India. which will have an election The current Prime Minister has been here for 4 terms, has expertise in many areas and likes Thailand. It is also thought to visit Africa to open up trading markets. About food and agricultural products Including the country that is the gateway to Europe, namely Turkey, all of this will happen from the end of the 3rd quarter into the 4th quarter. 'But from now on which is during the auspicious day Celebrating His Majesty the King's Birthday I won't travel anywhere yet. but will visit the royal initiative project area which has many projects Will go to inspect work and follow up on every project. proceeded well,' the Prime Minister Said. Source: Thia News Agency

“Maris” expresses his condolences to the family of the deceased.

"Maris" Minister of Foreign Affairs Express condolences to the family of the deceased. From the incident of Singapore Airlines falling into turbulence, ready to help the injured Mr. Maris Sengiamphong, Minister of Foreign Affairs Post about the event Singapore Airlines said it is ready to provide all necessary assistance and coordination to the injured and affected people. I would like to express my condolences to the family of the deceased. Source: Thia News Agency

Thai Army launches Cyber ??Commander

Navy, Royal Thai Army launches CyberComman, organizing 3 teams, defensive-offensive - Academy School, training personnel and civilians for future situations, starting 1 Oct. Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense Statement after the Defense Council meeting that While the Thai Army has an important policy, the establishment of the Military Cyber ??Command Unit. This means that the policy of building a modern military that had been assigned In terms of technology, improvements in tactical combat Must bring technology into use Today we have reached the point of success. It has raised the level of dissolution and consolidation of many agencies. It became the Military Cyber ??Command. Ready to clearly define the mission structure And most importantly, there is a digital school system, a cyber school. to teach military personnel and civilians And such units may have to be developed into a cyber army in the future. Lieutenant General Chatchai Chaikasem, head of the Seth Department Served as Commander-in-Chie f of the Armed Forces As the head of the cyber working group, he added that We have expanded from the Military Cyber ??Center. It is a military cyber command unit. It will be established. Cyber ??is a team From the military and national level Similar to the CyberCommander unit. of the United States If an event occurs Importantly, the army will have the ability to prepare teams and take responsibility for the country's important utilities. In addition, a cyber academy will be established. which Thailand does not yet have The military will be a center for cyber education. both at the military and non-military levels 'Cyber ??is a hot issue in the world. It is a cyber war. which from where I stood Both the United States and England, both countries, cyber is considered a dimension of warfare. We will prepare the team. On the cyber dimension as well, 3 teams are prepared, which are reactive teams, teams responsible for the country's important public utility systems. Be a proactive team Cyber ??Academy Team It wi ll begin to be used on October 1st in the fiscal year 2025 budget, Lieutenant General Chatchai Said. Source: Thai News Agency

Continuing the model of “Volunteer Center 904” for MSD personnel to study.

House, "Warawut" expands the model of "Volunteer Center 904" for MSD personnel to study the philosophy of sufficiency economy. Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Social Development and Human Security, revealed that on the occasion of His Majesty the King Celebrating the 6th anniversary of His Majesty the King's 72nd birthday. Previously, Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, invited the Cabinet. Went to see the work at the Royal Volunteer Administration Center 904, so the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (Ministry of Social Development and Human Security) came back to build on it. by giving senior executives at all levels MSD from the Permanent Secretary level Until the officials of the MSD went to study at the volunteer center for a full day, including training in living in the area. Using an AED or automatic external defibrillator and correct CPR or first aid techniques Because life-saving education is an important factor in saving one's life, people who are supervisors in each area need to learn. In addition, it is also possible to study the Khok Nong Na model. Sufficiency Economy Philosophy which the Ministry of Secondary Education Bow your head on your head. and will be used to work in many areas of the 43 MSDs throughout the country. Mr. Warawut said that in addition to the officials of the Secondary Educational Service Area, Group of people cared for by the Secondary Educational Service Area Office for Children and Youth We will also bring children and youth on a study tour to the center so that the new generation can understand it fully. About the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and royal science. Source: Thai News Agency

Prime Minister reveals investment of hundreds of billions takes time

Italy, The Prime Minister summarizes the overview of the Italian mission. I understand people rushing to get results. But investing hundreds of billions takes time. Not as long as Rome was built I repeat, many things have already happened. (21 May 2024) at 11.20 a.m. local time in Rome, Republic of Italy. which is 5 hours later than Thailand. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, gave an interview to the media. After finding out with the company Barilla Fratelli (Barilla GeR Fratelli SpA) and the company Eni (Ani) yesterday afternoon (20 May 24) that the company Barilla Fratelli Telli is a pasta company. which is the largest company in Italy and want to expand investment to Thailand Instead of just selling pasta or ready-to-eat food. The said company is confident that Thailand is a good market. Have appropriate skills, with BOI providing support I would like to use these things as a production base. and distributed to ASEAN countries He therefore advised the said company that if it was not related to pigs I would like to come and set up a factory in Thailand to produce Halal products. Barilla Company is interested and advises that Halal food has a large market in Africa. and Middle East that can be supported You will need to find a partner for the company. I tried to talk to 2-3 companies and quickly searched for them. in order to buy Thai materials The Prime Minister also spoke with executives of Eni, one of the largest petroleum chemical companies. which has traded with Thailand is already with PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited or PTTEP and is already purchasing gas from this company. which is a company that has expertise in drilling for natural gas resources It can be called number one. If Thailand solves the problem of the Thai-Cambodian Maritime Overlapping Area (OCA), such companies will be interested in participating in the investment. and took part in drilling for natural gas And my own intention is for Eni to set up a company in Thailand as well, like Barilla, which is considered a good sign. In addition, there will be preparation for aviation fuel made from Biofil. Companies would like to set up factories but are in the process of preparing information. If it is worth it and if it is appropriate, they will come and set up a factory in Thailand. As for last morning, he had a discussion with the executives of Bvlgari Company, which Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya I came to intern here for 2 years between 2010-2011. The government places importance on handicrafts and therefore wants there to be an exchange of knowledge with those with expertise. Let Thai people participate and came to intern here Because Thailand has a famous gem industry and Bvlgari Company also purchases precious stones such as gemstones from Thailand. and has distributor representatives who are Thai It is also the 140th anniversary year and there will be a big show. It is understood that many Thai people were invited to attend the event. The Prime Minist er also spoke about the overall picture of his visit to the Republic of Italy and meeting with many businessmen and companies. Many things that will be returned to Thailand are: exchange and international investment from both sides Because Italy has expertise in design. and various fashions, from clothing to jewelry which is a high-end product who is very skilled Thailand would like to have an exchange in this matter. The design industry is also an important industry. But we cannot elevate it to a value as high as his. For example, just one Bvlgari product. A single piece is worth 40 million euros or approximately 1,600 million baht. It is considered a very valuable product. Because there are many steps in the production process starting from Selection of raw materials and grinding While in the matter of international trade such as the matter of the defense industry Thailand will benefit a lot. and will have to discuss with the Prime Minister of Italy in the Four Eyes format, where knowledge will be exchange d in the areas of military, energy, food, design and design. The Prime Minister admitted that That matter had to wait because of the proverbial saying that Rome was not built in a day. But in my heart I didn't want it to last as long as the construction of Rome. And in many matters that the government has contacted and talked about, they have ideas that they want to achieve quickly. Many of which were continued by the previous government. And this government has come to continue, many of which we may be able to do immediately. But many other things must wait for some time. Because of one time investment Tens of billions Hundred billion must be looked at carefully in many matters and dimensions. Therefore, the government will push hard and have discussions with the team that after this work will have to be followed up. Which investment takes time While many things have already begun to be seen, such as Microsoft announcing that it will invest. It is understood that there are voices expressing concern about h ow quickly this can be done. But what he had prepared had already done everything. But the matter of results We also have ambitions. I want to get a lot because many companies that want to invest say they want to see the amount. and value first Therefore, it was recommended that we establish an office in Thailand first. Will it be the egg before the chicken or the chicken before the egg? If people can be brought to work in Thailand It might be possible to happen. However, the matter of negotiation The Prime Minister stated that it is something that we must do continuously. Source: Thai News Agency

Flags were lowered to half-mast for 3 days throughout the kingdom in mourning for the Iranian president.

House of Representatives, The Prime Minister ordered flags to be lowered to half-mast for 3 days throughout the Kingdom. Mourning for the death of the Iranian president Mr. Chai Watcharong, Spokesman of the Prime Minister's Office Announced after the Cabinet meeting that Prime Minister Settha Thavisin ordered government agencies and state enterprises Flags lowered to half-mast throughout the Kingdom To mourn Mr. Ebrahim Raisi, President of Iran, who passed away on May 20, 2024 at the age of 63, on Thursday, May 23, 2024 to Friday, May 24, 2024 and Monday, May 27, 2024. 2024, a total of 3 days, and requests cooperation for all government agencies to lower flags to half-mast on the said date. Source: Thai News Agency

Moving forward, aiming to use the council’s mechanism to investigate “Pichit”

Moving forward, Moving forward, aiming to use the parliamentary mechanism to examine "Pichit", pointing out that predictions for changing the prime minister and changing the direction of the government are still too far ahead. Mr. Parit Watcharasinthu, list MP for the Kao Klai Party, as the party's spokesperson. Discussing the actions of the opposition To check the properties and the ethical standards of Mr. Phichit Chuenban, Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office That was submitted to the Constitutional Court by a member of the Senate (Senate) that the opposition will use the parliamentary mechanism. already in the government audit Both policy implementation and the work of the minister When the session opens, it is believed that the Kaewkai Party will fully use the parliamentary mechanism. Both setting up questions Commission mechanism Including the proposal of various draft laws, thus confirming that the Move Forward Party is definitely inspecting the government intensively. The looking part T he Senate performs the duty of checking and balancing the government more intensively than the opposition. Mr. Parit sees that the Senate has used constitutional channels to submit matters to the Constitutional Court. In interpreting the prohibited characteristics The 2017 Constitution stipulates many abstract points. And it may be the method that the Senate chooses to use, but the Kaew Klai Party chooses to use the parliamentary mechanism as the main mechanism to check the government and believes that if the government appoints inappropriate ministers In the end, they will have to be judged by the people in the polling booth. Mr. Prit also mentioned the case where there was an evaluation of sending the Constitutional Court to decide on such interpretation. There may be a change in the prime minister. or change the direction of the government. It's a far-fetched prediction. Because the Constitutional Court has not yet accepted the petition. And in the end, if it gets to the point where the Prime Minister has to stop performing his duties, the Kao Klai Party will continue to act as the opposition. Mr. Prit also views the operation of The senator said that Politically, it is an attempt Senators who were not elected Come into play a role in determining that Who will be the government? Or has been the Prime Minister since the government was formed last year and 1 year has passed during the acting transition period. He also used his power to intervene. Who will perform the duties of government? and the next Prime Minister, the people have the right to question the qualifications and suitability of the minister But according to the principles of democracy, the government and the Prime Minister can survive or not. Is the minister appropriate or inappropriate? It should be judged by the people through the polling booth. And if the Prime Minister appointing inappropriate ministers The government must take political responsibility. and receive echoes through election votes. Source: Thai News Agency