Adjust the laundry time frame Reduce opposition to 18 from 22 hrs.

Parliament, Government whips out decision to adjust time frame for clarifying Section 152. Increase the government time to 10 hours, reduce the opposition to 18 from 22 hours, insist that it is not involved, the opposition has deviated from the contract to count the body on the day of the casino discussion. Do not appoint a brakeman if Thaksin is mentioned. Mr. Wisut Chainarun, Pheu Thai Party list MP, as chairman of the coalition coordination committee (government whip), confirmed that the time frame for non-voting general debate in accordance with the Constitution must be reviewed. 152 as the opposition requested 22 hours, the government 6 hours, divided into 4 hours for the Cabinet, 2 hours for the president. When each party went back and reviewed it, it was seen that the discussion under Section 152 was an accusation against the government. That must answer the question clearly. But if the time given for clarification is limited compared to the general discussion of the Senate, some ministers can answer for only 2 minutes and the time is up, causing many ministers to not have a chance to explain. And the opposition will come and say that the minister's answer was unclear or not clear. Therefore, in order to achieve justice, the time must be adjusted, requesting more time from the opposition for the government to respond. 'I think that at least the government should get at least 10 hours, the opposition from 22 hours to 18 hours, which is still more than double the time. In order to be fair and just, when accused, an explanation must be given. Therefore, tomorrow (April 2) there will be an opportunity for the opposition to discuss the agreement together with government whips and government representatives. But if they don't come, they will confirm the time frame as proposed by the government. It is believed that this will not spoil the atmosphere of working together in the future. Which must be left to the people to decide whether it is fair or not,' Mr. Wisut said. As for the discussion, if the issue is re peated with the Senate, will it be allowed to be debated or not? Mr. Wisut said that every matter is discussed in the House of Representatives. If the issue is repeated, it is the chairman's right to protest. Therefore, it is the chairman's right to allege anything that repeats issues in the meeting and must not allow it to repeat itself. 'We are the majority and we give it a chance. Fellow citizens listening, they want 22 hours and give us 6 hours. Is that fair? Justice must happen from the beginning. You take 22 hours and then when the government doesn't answer completely, they come and say we don't dare answer. Who said that the government should not avoid answering questions? Accusations of the opposition Today, when the government has given the opportunity for discussion. There must be an opportunity for the government to explain the facts. Why be afraid if the government will explain? Don't be afraid,' Mr. Wisut said. 'On the day the promise was not kept, there was nothing that gave me the opportunity to forgive. But in this matter, we must look at it in order to ensure justice. Therefore, the government's time for clarification may not be reduced from now on. and there will be no further extension of time. Because every time there is a debate under Section 152, there will be two days. In the days when the Pheu Thai Party was in opposition, time like this was considered sufficient,' Mr. Wisut said. As for whether there will be caution in the discussion to avoid referring to outsiders or not. Most recently, Ms. Paethongthan Shinawatra, Pheu Thai Party leader. Threatened to sue if there was any reference to Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister. The government chief whip said that this matter should be based on the parliamentary meeting as the main focus. In the past, in every era, making unnecessary accusations against outsiders has been the responsibility of the president of the council. in warning If you don't listen and still talk about outsiders who haven't had a chance to explain in the House. Which is not only Mr. Thaksin But whoever is accused It is considered normal to exercise legal rights in legal proceedings. 'There is no need to set up a team to put the brakes on because the coalition MPs have young MPs who are interested in meeting regulations. If you look at the regulations and understand them, you will probably be able to do your duty. And if it doesn't happen at all, it doesn't matter. Adhere to the meeting regulations. The meeting will go smoothly,' Mr. Wisut said.- Source: Thai News Agency

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