APO starts trading on mai April 2.

Bangkok, Asian Palm Oil Public Company Limited. Engaging in the business of extracting crude palm oil and selling main products from the extraction of crude palm oil and by-products. Including producing electricity from biogas to sell to the Provincial Electricity Authority. Ready to trade on the MAI Stock Exchange on April 2 with a securities value at the IPO price of 336.60 million baht, using the trading abbreviation "APO". Mr. Praphan Charoenprawat, manager of the MAI Stock Exchange (mai), revealed that mai stock exchange welcomes Asian Palm Oil Public Company Limited. Listed and began trading on mai under the Agriculture and Food Industry Group using the trading abbreviation 'APO' on April 2, 2024. APO engages in the business of extracting crude palm oil for sale to a group of crude palm oil refineries in the country. mostly There is a factory located in Ao Luek District. Krabi Province It has a production capacity of 60 tons of fresh palm bunches per hour. The company initiated the project "Ripe, Hap py, Good Quality Palm" or called "Asian Plus+" to encourage partner farmers to harvest fresh palm bunches. which is the main raw material, providing knowledge and understanding in cutting quality fresh palm bunches In order to increase the rate of extraction of crude palm oil, the company also produces electricity from biogas obtained from the wastewater treatment process. and entered into a power purchase contract with the Provincial Electricity Authority in 2004, very small power producer (VSPP) category, with a maximum electrical power not exceeding 1 megawatt. Revenue in 2023 divided by business type is 1) Crude palm oil extraction business. and sells main products from crude palm oil extraction and by-products 99.46 percent 2) Income from selling electricity 0.54 percent APO has paid-up capital after offering 170 million baht with a par value of 0.50 baht per share, consisting of existing common shares. 240 million shares and 100 million additional common shares, of which 75 million shares will be offer ed to individuals at the discretion of the underwriters, 15 million shares will be offered to benefactors of the company and 10 directors, executives and/or employees. million shares on March 25 - 27, 2024 at a price of 0.99 baht per share, calculated as an IPO offering value of 99 million baht, security value at the IPO price of 336.60 million baht. In determining the IPO share price, the ratio of share price to net profit to Shares (Price to Earnings Ratio: P/E Ratio) equal to 25.92 times, calculated from net profit for the past 12 months (year 2023) equal to 12.99 million baht divided by the number of common shares issued and paid after this share offering. (fully diluted) will have a net profit per share equal to 0.04 baht, with Asset Pro Management Company Limited serving as a financial advisor. and Kingsford Securities Public Company Limited is the underwriter. Mr. Sittipas Udomphonkul, Chief Executive Officer of Asian Palm Oil Public Company Limited, revealed that throughout more than 40 years, the co mpany has been committed to building a business from integrated and sustainable agricultural products. By delivering quality products at reasonable prices. Under the procurement of raw materials and efficient production processes as well as every step in conducting business in accordance with the principles of good governance. Give importance to all stakeholders Including being responsible for society and the environment. especially the local community For the money received from fundraising The company will invest in improving the efficiency of machinery in the production process. As well as using it as working capital for the company's operations, APO's major shareholders after the IPO are the family group of Mr. Nipon Udomphonkul, holding 58.93 percent of the shares, Ms. Natthapaphat Suppipat, holding 3.36 percent of the shares, Mr. Pramoj Om. Rapisit holds 3.31% of the shares and Mr. Pat Suwanchotisiri Holding 3.31% of shares, the company has a policy to pay dividends to shareholders at a rate of not les s than 30% of net profits after deducting taxes and legal reserves. Investors and interested parties can see details From the company's prospectus at the SEC's website at www.sec.or.th and general information of the company at www.asianpalmoil.com and www.set.or.th. Source: Thai News Agency

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