Asia Times: Vietnam-Singapore cooperation promotes ASEAN solidarity


Asia Times ran an article on Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s official visit to Singapore, saying that the visit will promote bilateral cooperation and create development momentum for the ASEAN community in the face of great challenges ahead, as both are dynamic economies, and fervent supporters of multilateralism. The article said that both Vietnam and Singapore recognise that development is key to many problems, thus the two countries will contribute to the growth engine so that ASEAN can effectively address challenges.

Singapore can promote its dynamism and support Vietnam and other countries in ASEAN to expand their approach addressing regional challenges. The article said that Vietnam’s outstanding agricultural capacity can help ASEAN better cope with the growing global food crisis.

The Vietnamese Prime Minister’s visit to Singapore as well as effective bilateral cooperation will be the driving force for solidarity and stability of ASEAN in a changing world, Asia Times said.

Source: VOV5