‘Brazil, Belgium, Germany’ hope to host the 2027 Women’s World Cup.

Bangkok, 3 Former women's football players from Brazil, Belgium and Germany hope their countries will be voted to host the 2027 Women's World Cup at the FIFA Congress in Thailand. Rosana, former defender of the Brazilian national team And the coach of the Brazilian women's national football team under the age of 20 gave an interview about the opportunity to host the 2027 Women's World Cup in Brazil, jointly offering to be a host. And there will be a vote on the choice at the 74th FIFA Congress in Thailand on May 17. Rosana said it would be very important for Brazilian female footballers. Because it will affect young women. who have dreams of playing football Create opportunities for players in the new era, World Cup in their hometown. will be a beautiful thing Because we will have a family and fellow cheerleaders nearby and probably feel happy If Brazil were chosen Elin Sailer, former striker for the Belgian national team who joined hands with the Netherlands and Germany to propose jointly as hosts, said t hat they think these three countries will have great power in organizing the competition. From seeing the 2017 Women's European Football Championship held in Holland. It went smoothly. These 3 countries want to play a part in creating growth. and drive the women's football industry, and all 3 countries are suitable in terms of economics and tourism While Renat Linker, former midfielder for the German national team, said that Germany is a country that loves football. Whether it's a girl or a boy. They all play football with faith. and like to watch the game The DFB Women's Pokal final sold out more than 44,000 tickets. We've held it in 2011 and people are still hungry for events. The conditions for being chosen as host are: Must receive more than half of the votes from the 211 member countries attending the meeting. The Football Association of Thailand together with FIFA and the Department of Physical Education organized the FIFA For School activity at Bangkok Thonburi University. according to FIFA's objecti ves who want to bring knowledge to pass on to 33 physical education teachers to pass on to youth in primary and secondary schools on the basics of football through the FIFA For School application, which is considered one of the activities of the 74th FIFA Congress. The training is divided into theoretical sections. In terms of philosophy and the use of various programs and practical is to organize activities to develop football skills with youth Both individually and in groups. Source: Thai News Agency