‘Chalermchai’ guarantees that the Democrat Party will thoroughly investigate and that there will be no boxing collapse.

Cape Dara Resort Hotel, Pattaya, "Chalermchai" guarantees the Democrat brand. Fully cleaned, no boxing collapses, told party members to put in their full effort. He hints that aside from the Prime Minister, there are other ministers as well. I'd like to wait to hear whether there will be a change in the Cabinet or not. I'm confident that the information will continue, even if I don't trust him. 151 Mr. Chalermchai Sri-on, leader of the Democrat Party Summarized the results of the meeting of the MPs and the Democrat Party Executive Committee. There was a discussion in the direction of the party and preparation for a general discussion according to Section 152 of the Constitution, which as they said, we did our 100%. Don't worry and be assured that the Democrat Party brand, Mr. Jurin Laksanawisi Sath, former leader of the Democrat Party There is no more boxing. But the point of discussion There must be clear information. There are only a few days left and we are ready to discuss. As for whether or not there will be new issues other than what is currently in the news in society, Mr. Chalermchai said that it would be better to wait and listen that day. Mr. Jurin will be the one to openly discuss the overall issue and have The party's MPs discussed the details, with less than 10 people, almost all of whom were new people. Because you want to focus on quality Discuss about 2-3 issues because the Democrat Party has been given 3 hours. They must make these 3 hours as valuable as possible. Most of the time the party has advanced. Therefore, it must be managed as best as possible. Therefore, we must emphasize that the discussion is not frivolous and to the point. When asked again whether the person in the debate was a thief or not, Mr. Chalermchai said he was not a thief but let's just say he had information. He had already instructed that the discussion be based on the content only. If something isn't correct, just "insert" it without much preamble. As for whether or not the available information will cause the gover nment to stagger to the point of adjusting the Cabinet, Mr. Chalermchai said that the matter of adjusting the Cabinet depends on the government and the minister. If the information is good, how good will it be if the Prime Minister doesn't adjust it? There would be no adjustment because it is the power of the Prime Minister. But he admits that the information discussed this time can be further used in the debate of no confidence under Section 151. Please wait and listen. He didn't want to speak first because he was afraid it would be bad. When asked if the information from this debate will cause debate in society until pressure leads to a Cabinet reshuffle, Mr. Chalermchai said that we are protesting, not to "kill" each other, but to protest against things that are not. correct and do things that cause damage to the people and the country We must speak as the opposition. You must help the management team see what you are doing incorrectly. Or is there anything that should be done? which information is availa ble If let go, it may cause damage to the country. Otherwise, they wouldn't have asked if the Prime Minister had listened to them and they would have to come back and think about it, right? We have already spoken to the Prime Minister. As for matters that are of interest to the people, especially Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister. Whether the Democrat Party or the Kao Klai Party will be the ones to debate. Mr. Chalermchai said that this matter must already exist. But please don't go into details now. Ready to admit that in addition to the Prime Minister, there are other ministers who were also targeted. Please wait and listen. along with stating that the Democrat Party was once the government. He used to be a minister. If we are confident that we are running the government honestly Don't worry about anything at all, no one can do anything to us. Just as he had been distrusted before, he was ready to answer every accusation. Source: Thai News Agency

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