Colorful LGBTQ+ Parade at Silom Songkran Festival

Silom, Colorful LGBTQ+ Parade at Silom Songkran Festival, loud music, people flocking together to spread happiness. Reporters reported that Songkran water play at Silom Road today The movie was opened for the second day. There are tourists coming to play in the water since morning. Even though it is open for play in the afternoon which municipal officials Bangrak District Office and police officers Silom Road is closed to allow vehicles to enter and exit. From Saladaeng intersection Today at Silom Road Start playing in the water with a parade. That creates a lot of color. Especially the LGBTQ + group that came to join the march. With a variety of beautiful and beautiful clothes, both Thai and foreigners. The march begins from the area in front of Bangkok Bank Head Office on Silom Road, heading towards Saladaeng Intersection. In addition, there were DJs on both sides of the road playing records. Have the marchers dance happily to the music. And when they reached the point where there were people playing in t he water, they splashed each other for fun. Plus, the swimming spot is under the train station, making the weather not hot. and not exposed to much sunlight The swimming area on Silom Road uses a system where officials set up screening points at the corner of the road. Inspect weapons and illegal items along with warning tourists to be careful of criminal groups that might lurk in, especially be careful of slashing bags For tourists who come to Silom Road, there will be vendors and merchants selling equipment for playing Songkran water. that can choose from a variety of ridges Especially the water gun that foreign tourists have to buy as tools for spraying water for fun. Source: Thai News Agency