Conference details water resources planning, investigation in digital era

Digital-based water resources planning and investigation will promote national water resources security, heard an international conference in Hanoi on March 2.

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Ha, Deputy Director of the National Centre for Water Resources Planning and Investigation under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, said the planning helps ensure the equal distribution, efficient exploitation and protection of national water resources.

Regarding the planning schemes for the Hong (Red)-Thai Binh River Basin and the Mekong River Basin, the official said they have touched upon a variety of issues, most importantly the management and protection of water resources.

The planning schemes should target recovering water resources and the environment, he said, proposing solutions such as upgrading facilities, and controlling waste sources to prevent water pollution and degradation in the Nhue, Day, Cau and Thuong rivers in the Red River delta.

Other participants suggested utilising mobile applications in service of investigation to save time and cut costs, and raise the efficiency and reliability of the work.

They also spoke of the integration of models and big data in water resources system simulation, underground water protection in some big cities, and water storage solutions for the Mekong Delta./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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