‘Earth Day’ campaigns to reduce single-use plastics.

Department of Climate Change and Environment (DPWH), Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMC) together with Samut Sakhon Province. and network partners Organized mangrove waste collection activities at the Mangrove Resources Research Center 2, Samut Sakhon Province. On the occasion of World Earth Day 2024, along with a campaign to reduce single-use plastics. Hoping to save the world crisis Captain Rachat Pisittabannakorn, Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), said Police General Patcharawat Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister. and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Concerned about the global crisis Including the problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic waste. The government has seen the importance and is aware of this problem. By the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Collaborate with all sectors to accelerate measures to prevent and solve plastic waste problems in an integrated manner. concretely And on the occasion of World Earth Day 2024, the Department of Climate Change and Environment has been assigned to accelerate cooperation in reducing the use of single-use plastics nationwide. To reduce environmental problems and global crises. Activities on World Earth Day Thailand organizes nature and environmental conservation activities along with all areas around the world. To make people aware of the importance of nature and the environment The concept used in organizing activities will be in the same direction around the world and for 2024 there is the concept "Planet vs. Plastics: Reduce plastic, save the world's boiling crisis" which is consistent with the Roadmap for Plastic Waste Management 2018. - 2030 of Thailand with the goal of reducing and eliminating the use of plastic by using environmentally friendly alternative materials. and reusing 100% of plastic waste by 2027, which will lead to that goal. It requires cooperation from both the public, private and public sectors. This year, therefore, it was a collaboration from the government sector. Private sector and civil society Joining forces to reduce single-use plastic use all over the country, consisting of 1) Domestic coffee shop operators, 31 companies, totaling 9,530 shops/branch, announce their intention to cooperate with environmentally friendly coffee shops (Green Coffee Shop) to promote reduction. Use of single-use plastic packaging 2) Department stores convenience store Ban the sale of single-use foam packaging containers. and promote the use of environmentally friendly packaging as a substitute. 3) Government agencies in provinces throughout the country By the Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Office (NRCT), every province joins in the campaign on Earth Day under the concept "Planet vs. Plastics: Reduce plastic, save the global crisis" by collecting the amount of plastic collected and calculating the reduction. The amount of greenhouse gases 4) Civil society networks that carry out work on conservation of natural res ources and the environment of MPs throughout the country. Ready to join together to reduce the use of single-use plastics, consisting of the Volunteer Network for the Protection of Natural Resources and the Village Environment (TSM), the network of schools and waste-free communities. Children and Youth Network on Climate Change and the Environment Local Administrative Organizations (Local Administrative Organizations) Sustainable Environmental Cities and a livable city paired with eco-industry and environmental NGOs Today's Earth Day activity is Thailand's first Net Zero Event. Greenhouse gas emissions from all activities arising from the event are assessed. By choosing to compensate from projects that have carbon absorption or projects that have carbon storage technology. To compensate for greenhouse gases to be zero. which this activity There has been compensation from a sustainable reforestation project. large project In the Khun Mae Khammi Forest Park area Wang Chin Forest Park Mae Yom-Mae Paeng Forest P ark, Phrae Province, all came to zero. We invite all sectors to join together in campaigning and organizing activities on Earth Day 2024 under the concept of "Planet vs. Plastics: Reduce plastic, save the global crisis" by applying the 4 principles in organizing activities in the form Appropriate measures include: 1. Refuse single-use plastics. 2. Adjust behavior to use plastic to get the most value. 3. Change to use packaging instead of plastic produced from nature. 4. Transform plastic waste through the process of recycling or upcycling, adding value to plastic waste Use plastic efficiently and ask for cooperation in protecting, caring for, and conserving the environment It starts with changing attitudes in environmental management. It is something that we all have to take responsibility for. Change your daily lifestyle to be environmentally friendly. To pass on the beauty of natural resources and the environment to our future generations-517- Source: Thai News Agency