Engineering Unit Rotation 2 celebrates Tet in AbyeiIt’s not over yet! “Teacher Preecha” sued for false lottery amount of 30 million, court postpones judgment


Hanoi: Members of Engineering Unit Rotation 2 of Vietnam, who are performing duties at the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA), have held a number of meaningful activities in celebration of the coming Lunar New Year (Tet) 2024. The activities have helped enhance solidarity among the UN peacekeeping units at UNISFA as well as between them and residents in the Abyei Area, according to the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations under the Ministry of National Defence. Major Nguyen Mau Vu, Commissar of the Engineering Unit, said that celebrating major anniversaries and Tet is among important activities the unit has made plans on since they assumed duties at UNISFA. In particular, the recent official recognition of the Lunar New Year as a UN floating holiday holds great significance for peacekeepers like them who often celebrate Tet far away from their families. To mark the Year of the Dragon 2024, Engineering Unit Rotation 2 has built detailed plans on each activity like making 'chun g' cakes - a signature dish of Tet, holding room decoration and cooking competitions, planting the 'neu' pole - another symbol of Tet, and organising folk games. The unit has also organised a volleyball exchange with residents in Abyei, presented gifts to locals, and invited them to try traditional dishes of Vietnam. The activities aim to help the 'blue beret' soldiers celebrate a merrier New Year festival besides their comrades, support their spiritual life, and introduce the Vietnamese culture to locals, Vu said. However, the entire unit hasn't neglected their duties, including preparing plans to protect security and safety for their base amid complex and unpredictable developments in Abyei, the officer added. On behalf of the unit, he wished Vietnamese people nationwide and abroad good health, joy, happiness, and good luck in the New Year./. Source: Vietnam News Agency Teacher Preecha's lottery case that has dragged on for many years. Recently, today the court scheduled a hearing for 3 cases, but in the end it was postponed again. Because the two sides still cannot come to an agreement. Lottery case of 30 million in which Teacher Preecha and Mr. Worayuth, private lawyers, are the plaintiffs filing a lawsuit against Lieutenant Charoon. Civil and criminal cases, charges of "embezzlement and receiving stolen property" for which Lieutenant Charoon appointed Attorney Tum. Be a private lawyer Been fighting the case for a long time And on June 4, 2019, the court ruled to dismiss the case against Charoon. But in this matter there are still smaller cases where both sides are suing each other. For example, on October 31, 2019, Lieutenant Charoon filed a lawsuit against Teacher Preecha and his personal lawyer for "joining together to falsely sue others to the court for committing a criminal offense," which the Kanchanaburi Provincial Court accepted the lawsuit and scheduled a hearing on October 30. March 2020 Today (8 February 2024) Kanchanaburi Provincial Court The parties made an appointment to hear the judgment of the Court of First Instance, a total of 3 cases. The first case was to hear the judgment. The case at Lieutenant Charoon File a lawsuit against Teacher Preecha, Jay Patch and Jay Ba Bin. Lottery sellers charged with "jointly perjuring" because all 3 people had previously testified at the emergency hearing in a civil case requesting to withhold the first prize of the government lottery, the draw dated 1 Nov. 2017, which Lt. Charoon brought 1 set of 5 lottery tickets as 30 million baht went to cash the prize at the Government Lottery Office. The second case, in which Lieutenant Charoon was the plaintiff, filed a lawsuit against Teacher Preecha and 10 people, alleging offenses against officials in the administration of justice. and the third case in which Lieutenant Charoon is the plaintiff who filed a lawsuit against Mr. Preecha. and a private lawyer charged with "joining to gether to falsely accuse others in court of committing a criminal offense." The court has postponed the judgment to March 20, 2024 because of Teacher Preecha. Pleaded guilty to informing the court falsely. As for the mediation, damages will be awarded in the amount of 2.5 million baht to Jae Patch and Jae Ba Bin. They said they were not involved. While Mr. Worayut Teacher Preecha's lawyer revealed that the parties could not come to an agreement. The court then sent the matter back to the Judgment Examination Section. And the sticking point is probably money. It is expected that if money comes Lieutenant Charoon might be able to accept it. Initially agreed upon at 2.5 million baht and today Teacher Preecha Unable to bring money Uncle Charoon therefore did not wish to negotiate. As for their own impact, it is the profession of lawyers who will be sued. It must be said according to the law. Lawyer Tum said that Uncle Charoon's case is against Teacher Preecha and Lawyer Worayut for jointly filing false charges. The court sent it back to the Director-General for examination first. As for Uncle Charoon's case, charges against three defendants for jointly giving false testimony. Teacher Preecha changed his words to confess. and will come to ask to refuse again The court therefore concluded that It was to delay the case, so Teacher Preecha was asked to confess, but still stuck at number 2. Jae still denies it. The court therefore postponed the reading of the judgment. As for Uncle Charoon's case Approximately 10 witnesses have been sued. The court has scheduled a hearing for April 1, 2024, which Uncle Charoon said will prosecute the case to the end. As for Lieutenant Charoon, he said that today we were unable to talk. The next day it would be better to stop talking. We've talked many times, not just this. From now on, it's likely that someone will go to jail. Given the opportunity and still not realizing it, it can't help you. Someone must be responsible for this case. The court has already informed that on March 20, t here will be no further postponement of the case. Ready to emphasize that the word truth is the truth that I want Teacher Preecha to say often. Do you know if he still confirms the same words or not? Source: Thai News Agency