Escape the heat by soaking in the water, looking for shellfish, and making a delicious menu.

Kalasin, Cooling off activity Villagers in Nonburi Subdistrict Let's go soak in the water. Collecting oysters in Lam Pao Dam Use it to make delicious menus such as oyster soup and periwinkle soup. Hot and dry weather conditions cause villagers to find various forms of cooling off activities. As in Kalasin Villagers saw that the water volume of Lam Pao Dam was decreasing every day. Until the area under Thepsuda Bridge, Laem Non Wiset, Sahatsakhan District It formed a long sandy beach along the entire length. The villagers then came up with an idea. Let's gather together to soak in the water to cool off. And so that going into the water is not in vain. So we went down to look for shellfish under the bridge. Because the water is not very deep Each day, the villagers search for shellfish for 3-4 hours and get approximately 20 kg of shellfish. The shellfish that can be found include periwinkle, sand clam, horse-claw clam, and the best-priced clam is sand clam or horse-claw clam, selling for 30 baht per kilogram . baht. As for the buyer, it was none other than a tourist who was passing by and saw a villager looking for shellfish and stopped to buy it. If he couldn't sell it, the villagers said it was nothing. Can be used for cooking to reduce household expenses. It's better than staying at home and turning on the air conditioner and paying more for electricity. As for the delicious menu, if you want it easy, it's the menu "Stir-fried clams with basil" For the area around Laem Non Wiset Part of the area of ??200 rai is an aquatic animal conservation area. It is a gathering point where many fish come to spawn. Especially during the red tide season, you will see amazing pictures of fish gathering together. while the area around Laem Non Wiset It is also a natural food source where people come to fish. Cast a fishing net all day long. Source: Thai News Agency