Giant Dragon Gold Necklace for Chinese New Year Celebration


UBON RATCHATHANI, A gold shop makes the dragon-shaped gold necklace, weighing 50 baht of gold available for customers to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The magnificent gold dragon necklace, valued at 1.7 million baht, was specially crafted to meet the demands of customers in the Year of the Dragon. Mr. Sorawit Pachiyanukul, owner of Varin Yaowarat gold shop in Ubon Ratchathani, explained that this necklace was made to order from a gold shop in Bangkok's Chinatown. It weighs 50 baht (one baht of gold= 15.2 g.), made of 96.5 percent gold, with an 8-row design featuring a dragon head. Even the clasp alone weighs up to 5 baht. It was ordered to welcome the Chinese New Year in the Year of the Golden Dragon, allowing customers to purchase it for themselves or as gifts for loved ones, symbolizing prosperity and fortune throughout the year. He said that this Chinese New Year saw a surge in customers purchasing gold necklaces and rings, with an 80-per cent increase of sales compared to the previous year. The best -selling gold items are half-baht and one-baht rings, which business owners distribute to employees who have worked together throughout the year. Moving to the northern province of Chiang Mai, the skillful craftsmanship of the dragon weaving, incorporating 9 auspicious symbols from the wisdom of Lanna people is another highlight of this year's Chinese New Year celebration. Over 100 local artisans from 4 districts collaborated to create artistic masterpieces by weaving thin bamboo strips into hundreds of thousands of lines, forming the giant dragon sculpture, measuring 3 meters in height and 6 meters in length. Mr. Prasong Saeng-ngam, the designer of this dragon, stated that it took nearly a month to create the Chinese dragon pattern, using 9 auspicious items of Lanna people including weaving bamboo, holy threads, popped rice, traditional flag, lanterns, and woven flowers. It is showcased at Central Chiang Mai Airport Shopping Center to allow locals and tourists to experience the auspiciousness of Lanna cu lture during the festival. Source: Thai News Agency