Government moves forward to combat drugs Aiming at big people Don’t spread it further.


Parliament, The Prime Minister admits he is shocked at the prevalence of drugs being sold at intersections. Urgent order to the police to speed up the suppression. Points out targeting big people to prevent further spread, stating that besides methamphetamine, crystal meth, currently 4 times 100 and electronic cigarettes are also worrisome. Emphasizes joining hands with neighbors to solve the PM 2.5 problem. Mr. Sophon Saram, Buriram MP, Bhumjaithai Party Ask Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, 3 important matters: Solving the drug problem By comparing with the patient is in a coma stage Therefore, the entire organization involved in solving all drug problems must be reformed. Because even though the correction statistics are reduced But it's counter to reality. If you look deeper Normally, drug problems occur with laborers, but now they are found with students. In addition to amphetamines and crystal meth, especially now the use of kratom to make a formula called 4 times 100 is beco ming fashionable, along with electronic cigarettes, which are addictive drugs. There are many types of mounts, easy to find, cheap, and not too serious to fix. until it becomes a social problem Meanwhile, the law is not conducive to those who practice it. Catch and then release, therefore it is seen that the current drug problem may be a crisis. Equal to an economic or educational crisis Including solving the problem of PM2.5 dust in the short and long term and from the Prime Minister traveling abroad. What are the guidelines for promoting tourism? Especially by sharing tourists from main cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket to create income for other provinces. which is a secondary city The Prime Minister explained that the drug issue is an important matter that people are concerned about. Because from the arrest figures for the last 4 months at the end of 2023, small traders were able to arrest more than 40 percent, totaling 32,000 cases. Methamphetamine seized was 2 times more than the previous year, that is, more than 250 million tablets, with an emphasis on catching big traders and not allowing them to go. redistribute The big ones who sold more than 500,000 tablets or more were arrested in 62 cases and seized assets worth more than 2,500 million baht. 'If we talk about the real problem, we have to admit that these numbers It's still not comforting. Because even big traders will be captured. But this does not result in the price of amphetamine being more expensive. Therefore, there are still a lot of government homework. The root of the problem must be acknowledged. comes from the economy People facing the problem of high expenses and low income may have lost hope for many years. The government therefore pays special attention to this matter. Because they are aware of the problems that arise,' Mr. Seratha said. As for drugs that are caught and take a long time to destroy, the Prime Minister clarified that the government has a clear policy to capture and identify them. and keep a small sample, and dest roy the rest quickly. To eliminate problems and find areas where society suspects that there may be a leak. While the matter of kratom water It is considered to be a new type of drug that teenagers are paying attention to. and spread quickly 'I admit that I never knew that. It is widely sold at intersections. So he called the police to talk. in order to carry out the sweep quickly together with the government Until it was able to be implemented within 1 week in Ubon Ratchathani Province after meeting with MPs in the province. At the same time, we are also trying to spread it to continue in other provinces as well, emphasizing that if MPs in the area have problems Please notify the government for immediate action,' Mr. Settha said. The Prime Minister sees that the drug problem is linked to the country at home as well. Because I have to admit that A country with a lot of internal problems is Myanmar. With a consecutive border of 2,500 km, Thailand has been assigned by ASEAN countries. to enter into negotiatio ns with the Myanmar side It is therefore a pleasure. Last week, two superpowers sent leaders to negotiate on many issues. They also negotiated and discussed issues affecting Thailand. including the drug problem that is flowing in along the border And thanks to the Royal Thai Army and the cooperation between the administration, area MPs, and the Royal Thai Army, Commander 3 has greatly eliminated orders. which neighboring countries have internal problems Money is therefore important. The easiest way is to produce the medicine and send it back to us for sale. We refused and tried to talk and explain to the two superpowers to understand because it is a big matter in which Thailand has a great interest. In the future, entry must be prevented along the border. Because at present the northern region is doing well. But found in the central region, such as Kanchanaburi, where problems were encountered. So we have to fight. For the treatment of returning addicts to patients. It is important that the government continu es to act. which will call the Minister of Health Let's discuss this afternoon. As for the issue of PM2.5 dust, it is a problem that has its roots in economic problems. Weeds are also burned using a single matchstick. Therefore, we need to create knowledge for farmers. which this government gives importance to coupled with pushing Clean Air Act 'It can be seen that the hot spots that occurred this year compared to last year were found to be significantly reduced. But we are not alone in the world. especially neighboring countries They may still have little understanding of how to solve problems or lack certain factors. But yesterday there was a discussion with the leaders of Cambodia. We confirm that we will work together to solve this problem,' Mr. Settha said. The Prime Minister said that at the same time he had given orders to relevant ministers. If farmers still use burning methods Laws may be enforced by the Ministry of Interior. or cut off government assistance As for measures to stimulate tourism, the Prime Minister said that this government has invested a lot in issuing various policies. To stimulate both short and long term tourism. Because Thailand has very good tourist attractions. It's not just Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin or Bangkok, but secondary cities are also an important part. The government wants to encourage tourists to spread out to secondary cities. in order to distribute income Through soft power by organizing various festivals throughout the year, not just the high season. 'However, policy alone cannot solve the problems of secondary cities. Convenient transportation is also an important part. The government plans to upgrade airports throughout the country. So that the travel of both Thai and foreign tourists can travel to secondary cities,' Mr. Settha said. At the same time, we have been coordinating with neighboring countries including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brunei. Tourists can continue their travel without applying for a visa. Because we do not vi ew our neighbors as competitors. But we will help support each other. Therefore, we are confident that this will develop the secondary city. It can definitely satisfy tourists and on March 1st there will be a free visa opening with China. Moreover, we are in the process of coordinating and talking. Requesting a free Schengen visa to enter Europe The Prime Minister confirmed that he does not focus on the big provinces alone because he himself has traveled all over Thailand and understands the culture and good things that secondary cities can offer to tourists. By the end of this month, it will visit the three southern border provinces. To look at culture, food, and what the government can support to create opportunities. brothers and sisters in the three southern border provinces But all of this is still homework that needs to be done to improve to the best. Source: Thai News Agency