I didn’t stop accepting first-year students, I just moved to study.


Parliament, "Chuan" is concerned about Uthen Thawai being transferred to a place of study, while the Prime Minister explains that the government is giving importance to education. Ready to speed up the resolution of the conflict between the two institutions. In the long run, culture and beliefs must be adjusted, the cause of which is fighting. As for "Supamas", he is rushing to find a new place because he must move according to court orders. Confirming that they have not stopped accepting first-year students, they are just transferring places of study. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Got up to answer a live question thread from Mr. Chuan Leekpai, Democrat Party MP, about the policy for solving problems between Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok Uthen Thawai Campus and Pathumwan Institute of Technology After there was an order to stop accepting first-year students before the order was changed to be able to accept students. but sent to study at other campuses such as Chan thaburi Campus This raises the question of whether second-year students and above will have to transfer or not. And which campus must I go to? and prepared a new location for Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok Has Uthen Campus been dedicated yet? The Prime Minister said that as the father of the people When I saw the news about students fighting each other, I was shocked. The government gives importance to solving this problem. and realizes that during the time of Mr. Chuan Being the Minister of Education And being the Prime Minister, he gave importance to these 2 institutions. Which is honorable, has a long history, and has produced hundreds of thousands of graduates that match the fields of work that meet the demands of the labor market for 10 years. 'I would like to support the principles of these two educational institutions. which is an institution that benefits the nation which when I went to find foreign investors The matter of producing technician personnel It is still something that our country needs a lot. which international investors from large companies around the world that we have attracted to invest are interested in. Without these two institutions, there would be no workforce that matches the line of work. Because large multinational companies need workers that match the line of work, therefore these two educational institutions are considered important mechanisms. The government insists that it will focus on long-standing problems. which is caused by a problem that is close to each other Which we are trying to move by having the minister talk to the Treasury Department. To find an area to move to,' the Prime Minister said. 'As for the matter of quarreling, we will store information in case of quarrels in the future. Set up a notification center Monitor and stop incidents in the institution. which has instructed the security department and the Royal Thai Police Which is in an area close to this institution, take special care especially on days when we understand that there will be q uarrels with each other. However, these measures are among those that will only help or prevent. But it doesn't fix the culture, which is a big issue. Beliefs of students who have beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation Which I would like to confirm that this is a wrong value. Therefore, the problem must be eliminated by moving to another location. This will reduce friction between students of these two institutions. along with adjusting values Reduce conflicts between senior leaders Break the cycle of inheriting a bad, incorrect culture. As for the matter of not accepting first-year students, I understand that it was a miscommunication. which will be assigned to the Minister is the one who explains,' the Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister thanked Mr. Chuan for reiterating the importance of Thai education. which was a reminder that It's not just the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The entire cabinet and government must give importance to education. which must be s upported by the Ministry of Finance Each family's foundation must be considered differently. 'I understand the need for education. And always aware that some people are lucky, such as my child who went on to study in a good school. world famous We never forget this place. And must also give importance to life after education and have appropriate work duties. As a representative of the people, no matter how poor or good they are, Even if you are in the provinces and studying at a temple or wherever you are, it is confirmed that the government wants to raise the level of education and will try to provide appropriate places to study. which is overseen by the Treasury Department I, as the Minister of Finance I'm going to take a special look. Thank you for all the suggestions and reminders in every point," the Prime Minister said. Ms. Supamas Issaraphakdi, Minister of Higher Education and Science Research and Innovation (A.W.) further clarified that the transfer of Uthen Thawai is in accordance with the order of the Supreme Administrative Court. to Rajamangala University of Technology Uthen Thawai Campus moved out and returned space to Chulalongkorn University. which the matter has reached its end The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment gives importance to and is not complacent in finding a new location As for the decision to stop accepting first-year students, it is a misunderstanding. Because it is not forbidden to accept students. But to study at other campuses instead, which is a matter that the University Council will propose back on February 10th. 'As for finding a new place to support There are currently 4 proposals coming in, including the Bang Phra campus. Chakrabongse Bhuwanat Campus Including the area of ??government land. in Samut Prakan Province There is also an area with donors in Minburi District, where the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has set up a working group. and related agencies participating, such as the Budget Bureau Office of the Attorney General, Treasury Department , and Chulalongkorn University. with himself as chairman which will consider considering providing budget support in the matter of budget and transfers,' Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Said. Source: Thai News Agency