“Jenny Ratchanok” announces the good news that there is a younger sibling for Eugene.

Nine Entertainment, "Jenny Ratchanok" announces good news that there is a younger sibling for Eugene. It's a birthday present for my husband. Even though in the past I often encountered things that gave me a headache. But in the end, young singer Jenny got it all if she was fresh or Jenny Ratchanok had good news that made her smile. When he posted a picture on his personal social media It was a display of a pregnancy test that showed 2 lines, meaning pregnancy, along with her husband, Yew Chatmongkol , smiling happily. With the caption: 'Happy birthday, talented husband. And this is the gift that you want the most. Yujin is going to have a little girl ??.' At this event, many fans and people in the industry came to express their congratulations. While Yew Chatmongkol 's husband's social media has not been active in this matter. This is considered good news for the singer's family. After being disappointed in losing an unborn child in the middle of last year. Anyway, I'm rooting for you and wishing for str ength for both mother and child. Source: Thai News Agency