Juicy! Playing in the water during Songkran Chiang Mai Amidst the hot weather

Chiang Mai, Even though the weather is hot and stuffy But playing Songkran water around the Chiang Mai moat Still lively and fun And the hot weather makes ice cubes used for soaking in water sell especially well. This morning many fresh markets in Chiang Mai were crowded with people going to buy food. utensils Prepare for making merit during the New Year. Including buying Tung Cho Tung Chai to put in a sand pagoda. According to Lanna people's belief that deceased friends and relatives will ascend to heaven on Chai Tung Island. It is also a symbol of victory and success. Today the Lanna people call it Wan Nao. It is the day when the sun moves fully into Aries. Lanna people will not curse or speak vulgarly. Because it will cause bad luck throughout the year. Source: Thai News Agency