“Jurin” points out that time is running out for digital wallets. Urges to make a hasty decision


Parliament, "Jurin" Democrat Party MP's opinion on the digital wallet of the NACC is clear. The government is running out of time. Urges to make a hasty decision People are still waiting for answers. Confirmed that he never interfered. But must show responsibility for campaign policies. Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Democrat Party list MP, spoke about the NACC's recommendations for the government's digital wallet policy. It is considered that the government has now run out of conditions to buy time, so it must decide one way or another. It is believed that the public is still waiting for an answer. It is considered that the NACC's recommendations are clear. It reflects that the NACC gives importance to this matter. 'I admire that the NACC has a good economic team. There is a high potential to provide opinions that will serve as an audit in the future. NACC clearly points out that the economy is not in crisis. This refers to the macro-level economy. Therefore, if the government makes any decision, it must take int o account that it does not cause corruption. Both policy and practice or breaking the law The government has run out of time. That is because the decree was previously cited. And the NACC has recommendations for the government. There is nothing to buy time,' Mr. Jurin said. When asked repeatedly, If the government decides to do something, it will bring good results. What are the negative effects? Mr. Jurin said that once the government has campaigned, it must be done. Confirming that they have never obstructed the digital wallet project, but political parties must show responsibility as campaigned for. When acting as a government, we have to do it. Because it will make politicians more responsible. Even though they use populist policy projects, they are populists who have a responsibility to do exactly that. and must be responsible for the consequences As for whether Thailand is currently at the point of economic crisis or not, Mr. Jurin said that people are really in trouble. But I understand that the lega l language must meet the conditions of the economic crisis. which the word economic crisis It probably means more about the macro economy. In this matter, the NACC has given clear recommendations. Therefore, it is a matter for the government to decide. Therefore, I would like to use this opportunity to make a request on behalf of the people. Source: Thai News Agency