MEA gives a discount on electricity costs of 19.05 satang/unit for home electricity users not exceeding 300 units/month.

Bangkok, MEA announces measures to alleviate the burden of electricity costs. according to government policy Give a discount on electricity bill of 19.05 satang per unit. To residential electricity consumers who use no more than 300 units of electricity per month from May to August 2024, according to the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet) on May 7, 2024, which resolved to approve in principle. Measures to reduce the burden of energy costs on the people As proposed by the Ministry of Energy This is a continuation of the previous measure that will expire in April 2024 in order to alleviate the impact on the burden of living expenses of the people and the economic recovery of the country. In terms of electrical measures Provide a discount on electricity costs of 19.05 satang per unit. For residential electricity users who use no more than 300 units of electricity per month for 4 months from the electricity bill for May - August 2024 (read details of the Cabinet meeting on 7 May 2024, click>> https://www. Ask people to be careful in receiving information from various social media communication channels, which may present incorrect information. and cause confusion among the people. You can see more details. Or inquire about electricity prices at MEA's various social media channels, including Facebook: Metropolitan Electricity Authority, MEA Call Center Online 1130 Electricity User Information Center, Metropolitan Electricity Authority, available 24 hours a day. Source: Thai News Agency