Mercedes-Benz issue, 25 million baht check, insists he didn’t steal anyone’s property


Parliament, "Ruangkrai" explains that 2 Benz cars were bought with his own money. As for the 25 million baht, there is a check to confirm their authenticity. Asked, where is the strange money? Confirmed that he did not slap anyone's property. Mr. Rueangkrai Leekitwattana, a member of the Palang Pracharat Party Referring to the case of Mr. Watchara Phetthong, former Democrat Party MP, requesting an investigation into the case of posting a photo that he received two Mercedes cars from a kind-hearted adult and a check for 25 million baht that was made payable to Mr. Rueangkrai. whether there was a serious violation of ethics or not, stating that there was nothing in this matter He did not want to argue with the price of the installments being raised. In the case of a Mercedes He has spoken before and has documents. Let the authority have authority to inspect. As for the opposition leader, he probably has no authority here. 'Currently I have 4 Mercedes cars, 1 for myself, 1 for my wife, and 2 daughters, one for each car. I used the money in my account to buy it myself. There was no staking of other people's property. or demand any benefits And as for the kind-hearted adults, this refers to their wives who helped pay for the purchase. As for the 25 million baht, it had been inspected since when they were senators in 2008. The NACC has completed its investigations. who had issued a press release explaining since February 22, 2021 that the said amount had been withdrawn from Bangkok Bank. Buy a cashier's check and pay a fee of 20 baht to transfer the deposit to Siam Commercial Bank,' Mr. Rueangkrai said. Mr. Rueangkrai said at the end that He is an accountant Always check debit and credit. Confirm that every copy of this cashier's check is genuine. Where is the strange money? He has been paying taxes since 1983. Source: Thai News Agency