Minimum wage of 400 baht nationwide is expected to come into effect this September-October.

Phetchaburi Rajabhat University, Deputy government spokesperson reveals minimum wage of 400 baht nationwide. Expected to come into effect in September-October 2024. Mr. Karom Phonphonklang, Deputy Spokesperson of the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the Cabinet has acknowledged the progress report on setting the 400 baht wage rate nationwide by the Ministry of Labor. and the Wage Committee has proceeded as follows: (1) Set to survey the necessary expenses of general workers starting to work in the industrial sector in 2024, April-June 2024. (2) Schedule a meeting to discuss the impact of the minimum wage increase. In collaboration with the Federation of Thai Industries and the Thai Chamber of Commerce, May 2024 (3) The Wage Commission Office proposes to the Wage Commission to consider the framework and criteria for reviewing the appropriateness of the provincial minimum wage rate. So that the meeting of the subcommittee considering the minimum wage rates in every province and the subcommittee on vi sas and screenings will be in accordance with the criteria set by law with academic principles and at the same standard throughout the country in May-August 2024. (4) The Office of the Wage Commission proposes to the Wage Committee to consider the minimum wage rate proposal of the Subcommittee for Consideration of Minimum Wage Rates for all provinces and the Subcommittee on Academic and Screening to Review the Determination of Minimum Wage Rates for the year 2024. and offer announcements Wage Commission To be announced in the Royal Gazette to be effective in September-October. Source: Thai News Agency