Minister: public security forces uphold heroic tradition

Politburo member and Minister of Public Security Gen. To Lam has written an article on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the traditional day of the people’s public security forces (July 12).

The minister affirmed that over the past 75 years, the public security forces have always been absolutely loyal to the Party and the Fatherland under any circumstances, foiling all sabotage plots and activities of reactionary hostile forces, and accomplishing the task of protecting national security.

In the face of the enemies’ malicious plot to promote the “peaceful evolution” strategy, the public security forces have renewed their professional measures, defeated propaganda activities on pluralism and multi-partyism, and nullified ideological sabotage campaigns, he affirmed.

In the Doi Moi (renewal) and global integration era, the public security forces have ensured absolute security and safety of activities of the Party and State leaders, international conferences and the country’s important political, cultural and external events. They stopped and beat every sabotage plot and activity of hostile and reactionary forces, as well as incitement to separation, terrorism, sabotage and demonstration that causes social insecurity and disorder. The forces have also safeguarded State secrets, prevented the phenomena of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation”, thus ensuring solidarity, unity and protecting the Party’s leadership role.

Regarding non-traditional security challenges, the public security forces have effectively protected cyber security, prevented the formation of opposition political organisations at home as well as terrorism and sabotage, and effectively dealt with complex situations related to security and social order, leaving no loopholes for reactionary and hostile forces to incite sabotage.

As complicated developments in the regional and global situations are posing great challenges to national security protection, the public security forces have worked closely with ministries, agencies and localities to guarantee security and order in the strategic northwestern, Central Highlands and southwestern regions. The forces have stopped attempts to take advantage of religious and ethnic issues, disputes and internal frustrations among the public to sabotage the Party and State.

The forces have firmly protected national security early and from afar; timely detected, prevented, drove back and wiped out all threats to national security; protected the Party’s leadership role, the people’s socialist regime and maintained political stability and a peaceful environment, the minister said.

Concluding the article, Lam affirmed that the entire forces will continue upholding their glorious heroic tradition, keep striving to overcome difficulties and challenges, stay ready to sacrifice for the cause of protecting national security and firmly safeguarding national security in any circumstance, thus deserving the trust of the Party, State and people.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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