“New Napassorn” smiles cheekily as she secretly watches “Peck” bathe her son. cute and gentle


Nine Entertainment, We are extremely excited about becoming new parents for the young MC Peck Premanat and the powerful singer New Napassorn because since New gave birth to her child, Nong Space. The couple's first men, Peck and New, are working as full-time parents to take care of the baby on their own. Recently, New posted a clip showing the moment when Peck gave his son a bath with determination. Do everything with gentleness and gentleness according to the nurse's advice, while Nong Space seems to be pleased that her father bathes her. Because while Father Peck was using a cotton bud to clean Nong Space's ears, he smiled sweetly and made a slurping sound to greet him from time to time, making Mother New, who was secretly watching father and son from afar, smile along with affection. Source: Thai News Agency