Ombudsman’s resolution dismisses digital currency petition Point out that it’s not in your power.

Ombudsman, Ombudsman's resolution dismisses digital wallet request. Points out that it is not within the power and authority of the Constitutional Court - the Administrative Court to decide on the determination of policy. Statement to Parliament It is an exercise of executive power as specified by the Constitution and has not yet been found to be issued. 500 billion baht loan act Pol. Lt. Col. Keerap Krittheeranon, secretary-general of the Office of the Ombudsman, revealed that the Ombudsman It was resolved not to send the matter along with its opinion to the Administrative Court or the Constitutional Court for decision. In the case that someone submits a request for consideration to make a decision regarding the government and the Cabinet Set a policy for a project to top up 10,000 baht via digital wallet and enact a loan bill of 500 billion baht in order to carry out the said project. Whether it violates the Constitution and the State Financial Discipline Act 2018 or not, because it is considered that pol icy setting and government policy announcements It is an exercise of the administrative power of the Cabinet. To determine policy for the administration of the country As an administrative state organization Therefore, it is not an act that is an exercise of administrative power. and policy statements to parliament It is an exercise of power as specified by the Constitution. Including complaints that are not complaints. that the provisions of the law have constitutionality problems or complain that the use of administrative power by a government agency has problems with constitutionality or law. Therefore, it is not within the duties and powers of the Ombudsman according to Section 37 (3). Therefore, the matter cannot be considered and submitted with opinions to the Constitutional Court and the Administrative Court. In the case where the government will issue The 500 Billion Baht Loan Act, the Ombudsman considered and found that The Prime Minister announced on April 10, 2024, as chairman of the 10,000 baht top-up project policy committee, that the source of money will be from the expenditure budget for fiscal year 2024, 2025, which consists of 3 sources of money: 1. Expenditure budget money Fiscal year 2025, the amount is 152,700 million baht. 2. Project implementation through government agencies, amounting to 172,300 million baht, with the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) taking care of the group of people who are farmers, amounting to 17 million people, a fraction of the budget year 2025. and 3. Management of the government's budget for fiscal year 2024, amounting to 175,000 million baht, and on April 23, 2024, the Cabinet resolved to approve the principle framework for the 10,000 baht top-up project via digital wallet. According to the opinion of the Policy Committee, therefore, it does not appear that the government will proceed with the said project by issuing the Loan Act. Therefore, there is no issue of distress or injustice. And there is no issue of constitutionality or law acco rding to Section 22 (2) and Section 23 of the Ombudsman Act 2017. Therefore, the Ombudsman cannot submit a petition to the Constitutional Court for consideration. can . Source: Thai News Agency