Petrol prices up in latest adjustment

Hanoi: Retail prices of petrol were revised up in the latest adjustment on January 18 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance. Specifically, the prices of E5 RON92 and RON 95-III increased by 377 VND and 547 VND to no more than 21,418 VND (0.87 USD) and 22,482 VND per litre, respectively. Meanwhile, diesel 0.05S and kerosene are sold at 20,194 VND per litre and 20,536 VND per litre, up 487 VND and 205 VND, respectively, and the price of mazut oil decreased by 307 VND to 15,508 VND per kilogram. The two ministries decided to use the petrol and oil price stabilisation fund for mazut oil at 300 VND per kilogramme, the same as in the previous adjustment./. Source: Vietnam News Agency

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