Phong Luu Khau Vai market celebrates pure love

The Phong Luu Khau Vai market, popularly known as Khau Vai love market, has been in existence since 1919, is held annually in Ha Giang karst plateau on the 27th day of the third lunar month. The market originates from a legend featuring a young man named Ba of Nung ethnic group and a young woman named Ut of Giay group. They were so in love but neither belonged to the same ethnic group nor had similar customs. They tried to run away together, but failed to do so and had to return to fulfil their familial duties. They promised to see each other each year in Khau Vai for just one day, which was the 27th day of the third lunar month, to ease their yearning for each other. Near the end of their lives, the couple came to the place and passed away together in each other's embrace. Locals set up shrines to honour their love, and continue their tradition. The 'market' helps former lovers who parted due to various reasons, to meet and talk to each other after years or separation. Local people believe that those failed romances form part of each person's past. Spouses respect their partners' past and spiritual lives. After this one day, the lovers return to their daily lives, promising to see one another again next year. Source: Vietnam News Agency