Phra Mauya fills up gas and doesn’t pay. Speeding away and crashing into police

Maha Sarakham, Luang Phi is drunk on amphetamine. Drawing the sword on gas Speeding away in a pickup truck, he collided with a police officer and was injured. Continue driving and collide with two rows. In the middle of Maha Sarakham city In the end, he didn't survive. He was captured by good citizens. Good citizens helped to detain Phra Suthep, age 48, who was intoxicated with methamphetamine. Can't talk. After causing an incident, driving a pickup truck to fill up gas at a gas station in Kantharawichai District. Maha Sarakham Province, amount of 1,300 baht, then did not pay By driving away, heading into Maha Sarakham city. During that time, he also crashed into the back of a police motorcycle. Shield registration This makes Police Lieutenant Surachai, 56 years old, deputy inspector for prevention and suppression. Muang Maha Sarakham Police Station Injured to his right leg, the bone was fractured. Doctors put a soft cast on him before allowing him to go home. As for Phra Suthep, he continued to drive away . Entered the city of Maha Sarakham and crashed into a minibus in front of the Maha Sarakham City Pillar Shrine. This caused 5-6 passengers in the car to be slightly injured. while the perpetrator's vehicle could not continue But still trying to escape Good citizens helped to control him. before the police brought him in for questioning. Muang Maha Sarakham Police Station The total distance traveled was approximately 4-5 kilometers. Pol. Col. Kraithong Chaising, superintendent of Muang Maha Sarakham Police Station, revealed that Phra Suthep gave a disturbing statement. Can't talk. The police brought a change of clothes before giving him leave. In front of the Buddha image in the drug lab suite. Muang Maha Sarakham Police Station Before being brought to inquire Known to be from Phetchabun Province Claiming to come to see his son But his son was ordained in Phetchabun. Then drove lost to Maha Sarakham for 2 days. As he was about to return to Phetchabun Province, he ran out of gas. So he stopped to fill up with gas at a gas station and didn't have any money to pay. So he drove away and ran away until an accident occurred. and was eventually arrested From the examination, 2 methamphetamine pills were found, 1 of which was taken while driving. Urine test found positive Narcotics Control Board officers then took him to be tested for drugs at Maha Sarakham Hospital again to confirm the results. Initially prosecuted Charged with possession of methamphetamine and taking amphetamines while driving As for the charge of careless driving causing injury to others. Additional charges will be filed after the investigation of the parties is complete. Source: Thai News Agency