Police commander announces arrest of murder team “Dabko – wife is pregnant”

Prachinburi, Police Commander-in-Chief's School announced the arrest of the murder team. "Dabko - Pregnant Wife" led a gang of 4 people to find a group of suspects involved in illegal ethanol buying and selling. Ordered to expedite the expansion of the suppression throughout the country. Updates on the case of the assailant who shot and killed Pol. Sakon Samut, or "Dabko", the commander of the Amnat Charoen Provincial Investigation Division, 43 years old, and his 25-year-old Laotian wife, who was 6 months pregnant, died inside a pickup truck. Before leaving the car parked near a pond in a cassava farm in Si Maha Phot District, Prachinburi Province, the incident occurred on May 12th. Last night (May 13), police tracked down and arrested all four criminals, consisting of Mr. Chaiwichit, the gunman, Ms. Thanya, Mr. Chaiwichit's wife, Mr. Phichitpong, his son, and Mr. Thammarat, an employee, and confiscated items. Many items were found at the suspect's residence, such as an AK-41 firearm, an air rifle, a .22 c aliber rifle, a .357 caliber pistol, a 9 mm pistol with 217 rounds of various sized ammunition, and a number of M67 hand grenades. 1 ball Today (14 May) Police General Kittirat Panphet, Acting Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, traveled to Rabao Phai Police Station to personally announce the results of the arrest of the 4 suspects, stating that Before the incident, Dabko met a group of suspects who were illegally trading ethanol for a group of ten-wheel trucks carrying ethanol. which is the cause So I went to check. But a group of criminals prevented him. Mr. Chaiwichit then used a gun to shoot Dabko 5-6 times until he died, while Dabko's wife sent GPS coordinates and a message asking for help to a fellow police officer at the guardhouse at the Kok Sombun patrol residence. But not in time Mr. Chaiwichit also used a firearm to shoot Dabko's wife to death. Before the gang took the bodies of Dabko and his wife, along with their car, and left them in the forest about 3 kilometers from the scene of the crime . Then destroy evidence, such as taking away the deceased's phone. They buried the gun that caused the incident and fled to Nakhon Nayok Province before they were all caught and arrested. "Big Tai" orders expansion of arrests of illegal oil trading gangs throughout the country. Pol. Gen. Kitirath said that a preliminary investigation found an offense involving the smuggling of ethanol to be sold illegally. Has ordered the center to suppress fuel-related offenses. The Royal Thai Police Office (RCP) has expanded its reach to bring those involved in the movement to be prosecuted according to law. Ready to inspect Continue to strictly suppress fuel-related offenses throughout the country. Source: Thai News Agency