Raids to help young Indonesian men Was held for ransom of 2.3 million

Phatthalung, Phatthalung police raided and rescued a 29-year-old Indonesian man who was held for ransom of 2.3 million baht in the house of a relative of the wife of "Pang Nanode" in Mueang Phatthalung District. Ready to arrest 3 suspects At 1:00 p.m. today (May 14), Muang Phatthalung Police Station Police officers from the Phatthalung Special Operations Unit Investigative officers of Provincial Police Region 9 and Phatthalung Forensics Division police went to help Mr. Chawana, 29 years old, an Indonesian tourist. After Mr. Daniel Sihombing, Deputy Consul of the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia Songkhla Province Come meet the investigator. Informing that on May 11, 2024, the Consulate received coordination from the Indonesian Embassy in Thailand that Mr. SYAWANA was picked up by an unknown number of Thai men in the area of ??Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province and brought to the area. Muang, Phatthalung Province, by being tortured by a group of Thai men and recording a video clip and sending it to Mr. SYAWANA's sister in Indonesia. Ready to demand a ransom of 2,300,000 baht in Thai money. Mr. SYAWANA's relatives have already transferred some 800,000 baht. Later, Mr. SYAWANA asked for a phone call from the person who secretly sent the location to his sister. Before officials were able to help today Officials were able to take control of three suspects who provided care and confinement, whose names are known as Mr. Rusawan, Mr. Saidi, a resident of Narathiwat Province, Mr. Weerasak, a resident of Phatthalung Province, along with 1 9 mm pistol and 1 handcuff. before being detained and handed over to investigators Muang Phatthalung Police Station and brought Mr. SYAWANA, the victim, to give additional testimony. Initially, the police did not reveal who the perpetrator and the leader of the abduction movement were. But initially, the house where the Indonesian tourists were taken was held for ransom. It is the house of a relative of the wife of "Pang Nanode", the accused who escaped from prison. Nakhon Si Tha mmarat Province who are currently escaping. Source: Thai News Agency