Report a creditor who attacked and insulted you without stopping. Due to the debtor being unable to pay interest in one day


Chainat, A 48-year-old woman reported that she was cursed with vulgar words by an informal loan shark. After stopping sending floating flowers for just one day due to illness Need to spend money to see a doctor Police, Mueang Chainat Police Station Traveled to a villager's house which was opened as a restaurant in the area of ??Village No. 6, Hat Tha Sao Subdistrict, Mueang Chainat District, Chainat Province, after being informed that an informal loan shark had come to go on a rampage and insult the debtor. because he was dissatisfied with the debtor's request to postpone paying interest for just one day When they arrived at the shop, they did not find the creditor, only the debtor, Ms. Chanram, age 48, who is the shop's cook, her husband and the owner of the shop. Standing and waiting to give information to the police Miss Chanram said that she worked as a cook. Last month, I borrowed money outside the system on a business card from a person named Fluke in the amount of 5,000 baht to use for family expen ses and to see a doctor. By paying interest in floating interest of 100 baht per day, he has paid interest for approximately 30 days, totaling 3,000 baht, but during these 2 days he has been unwell. He has high blood pressure and cannot work, so he has no money to pay interest, so he misses payment for 1 day. This morning, he telephoned to tell Mr. Fluke that he would like to stop paying interest for 1 week because he was unwell, but Mr. Fluke refused. accused him of faking being sick Curse yourself back with harsh words. They also came to collect debts and insulted him at the restaurant where he worked. They said they couldn't pay the interest. And followed by various vulgar words, which her husband and the shop owner were also present at. So he called the police. But Mr. Fluke said he didn't talk to the police. Then drove a 4-door pickup truck and left the store before police arrived. Ms. Chanram said that initially she had reported the matter to the investigating officer. Muang Chainat Police Station in order to track down Mr. Fluke Let's agree to negotiate the debt problem. Because he didn't want to escape or pay. only to request repayment of the principal amount only The police, after receiving the report, will quickly track down Mr. Fluke. and the owner of said account Come investigate further. Source: Thai News Agency