Royal Thai Navy explains that Cambodia has stopped building breakwaters since 2008.

Navy, Royal Thai Navy explains the case of Cambodia building a breakwater. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Send protest letter to Cambodia and construction has stopped since 1998. Rear Admiral Wirudom Muangjeen, spokesman for the Royal Thai Navy Revealing the duties and responsibilities of the Navy, the most important of which is maintaining rights and sovereignty along the border. According to the boundary determination by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the case that information has been published that The Cambodian side has built a breakwater. This may result in Cambodia claiming overlapping maritime territory with Thailand's maritime territory. The construction of a breakwater by the Cambodian side Construction began on the Cambodian side in the years 1997 - 1998 by the local navy units. It was discovered and reported. The Navy then had the technical unit, the Hydrographic Department of the Navy, investigate and found that a breakwater was actually being built. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed. and Ministry of Foreign Affairs A memorandum was submitted. and protest letters from the Cambodian side and request that the breakwater be demolished. The official letter has been issued 3 times, on 10 June 1998, 30 November 1998, and most recently on 16 August 2021. 'Since 1998, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs There has been a letter of protest in the said case. Cambodia has stopped construction. And there is no additional construction at all,' Rear Admiral Wirudom said. A navy spokesman said the navy continues its mission to preserve national rights, sovereignty and interests. continuously It has deployed ships and aircraft to patrol, monitor and demonstrate force over the claimed maritime area. There are clear guidelines. Taking into account the highest interests of the nation and good relations between the two countries. Source: Thai News Agency