SET warns investors to consider carefully before trading NEX shares after price plunges 53%

Bangkok, The SET asks investors to consider the information carefully before trading NEX securities after the price decreased for 3 consecutive days, down 53%. This afternoon (May 15), the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) issued a warning asking investors to study the information carefully before deciding to buy or sell Nex Point Public Company Limited (NEX) securities due to trading conditions. changed greatly On 10 May 2024, NEX reported operating results for Q1/2024 that decreased from the previous quarter and today (15 May) reported that there were no new developments at all. *Summary of trading conditions as follows* The price dropped continuously in 3 days (since 13 May) down 53% (from 8.75 baht to 4.10 baht) with continuously higher trading values. Today's morning trading. The price has decreased since the market opened to close in the morning at the floor price (4.10 baht) and there are no bid orders waiting (the floor is out of bid). The number 1 trading value of the market (SET and mai) is 1, 713 million baht with the number of shares traded. It is 20% of the paid-up capital. The top 5 sellers sell together in the proportion of 40% of the total sales volume via Auto matching, with some portions resulting from call margin and force selling. Stock Exchange Therefore, investors are asked to consider information on both trading and trading. and information of NEX carefully before deciding to trade. Source: Thai News Agency