Thai women’s volleyball ready to meet USA in Nations League 2024

Brazil, "Coach Ya", head coach of the Thai women's volleyball team, is preparing to send key players to meet the United States in the Women's Volleyball Nations League 2024. 'Coach Ya' Natthapon Srisamutnak, head coach of the Thai national women's volleyball team, led Thai female volleyball players to practice for 2 full hours inside the Royal Thai Army stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Try to fix the bug. Before the first match of the Volleyball Nations League 2024 meeting with the United States, the number 2 team in the world, tonight at 3:30 a.m. "Coach Ya" said that this game will definitely be tough. Prepare to send the main players to play. The key is to put pressure on the United States. That is, it must be served well. and be able to launch the first ball So you can play a mixed game. According to the style of the Thai team 'Toey' Hatthaya Bamrungsuk and 'Chompoo' Phonphan Kerdprach said they were ready to compete. and is ready to fight with all his heart, even though he is the underdog, asking for encour agement from Thai volleyball fans as always. It is expected that in this game "Coach Ya" is preparing to send the first 6 players consisting of Chatchuon Moksri, Pimpichaya Kokram, Taddao Nuekchaeng, Hatthaya Bamrungsuk, Piyanuch Pannoi as liberos. With Phonphan Kerdprach as the setter On the United States side, this set It is a mixed team from the 2020 Olympic Games gold medal team, led by main setter Jordyn Poulter, Justin Wong-Orantes, a libero, and Jordan Lasson, an experienced hitter. Statistics of the last 5 meetings between the Thai women's team and the United States, we lost all of them. The latest game on September 17, 2023 in the 2024 Olympic qualifying round, the Thai women's hitting team lost 0-3 sets, tonight at 3:30 a.m. sending their hearts to cheer on the Thai women's hitting. Source: Thai News Agency