Thailand eyes creation of 200,000 jobs in new EEC zoneThe cold wind spreads again. The southern region will have more rain.

Bangkok: The Thai government projects that some 200,000 jobs worth 1.2 trillion THB (35.03 trillion USD) will be created during the development process of the Business Centre and Liveable Smart City within the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). Government spokesperson Chai Wacharonke made the claim on January 2 after the policy committee for the EEC approved the EEC Business Centre and Livable Smart City project in Chonburi's Bang Lamung district. Supporters said this special economic promotion zone will be developed as a centre of business and finance by 2027, and continue to become one of the world's 10 liveable smart cities by 2037. The EEC is designed to lure investment in target industries, including clean energy, digital solutions, 5G, logistics, tourism, financial services and comprehensive health care. Particularly, the business centre and smart city will support more than 350,000 people and attract 150-300 target startups. The development is in line with the concept of creating a business ecosystem that combines nature, people, innovation and technology, Chai said, adding it is expected to boost Thailand's gross domestic product to hit 2 trillion THB within a decade. He stressed that Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin supports the development to create a model of the modern economic city. He also expressed his belief that the development will be an important part of the country's attraction of foreign investors to shift their production bases to Thailand, and improve the Thai people's quality of life./. Source: Vietnam News Agency Bangkok: The Meteorological Department revealed that tomorrow (4 Jan.) upper Thailand will have cooler weather, with the northeastern region seeing temperatures drop 2-3 degrees Celsius, while other regions will decrease slightly, but the southern region must watch out. Watch out for more rain. Mr. Somkuan Tonchan, Director of the Weather Inspection and Surveillance Division The Meteorological Department said A moderate to strong cold air mass has spread to cover southern China. It is expected to spread to cover the upper part of Vietnam, Lao PDR, and the upper northeastern region tonight (3 Jan. 2024) which will cause the temperature in the Northeast region to drop 2-3 degrees Celsius tomorrow and the cold wind will be stronger. Meanwhile, the central region, including Bangkok and surrounding areas, temperatures will drop 1-2 degrees Celsius. The sky will remain clear, there are few rain clouds, and the air will be dry. For the southern region along the Gulf of Thailand and the lower region, there will be more rain starting tomorrow (January 4, 2024), so we must monitor and be vigilant again. Wind waves are weak to moderate. Traveling during this time must be careful of fog in the morning. During the period 8 -12 Jan. 2024, the cold air mass covering it will begin to weaken again, the wind will weaken, and the wind direction will fluctuate. There are southerly and southeasterly winds blowing in to cover the area. Will cause rain to occur in some places. Mostly in the southern region. Source: Thai News Agency

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