Thanakorn suggests using council time well Don’t play games – create content

Bangkok, "Thanakorn" wants to see a quality opposition party that cleanses the government, Section 152, recommends that parliament's time be worthwhile, be creative, and hope for new politics. Honor the people Don't stare at the game. Create content, confident that the government will respond and use the platform to understand the people. Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, former Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office List of MPs And the deputy leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTC) said that as the opposition has submitted a motion to open a general debate to ask questions about the facts or suggest problems to the Cabinet. without voting According to Section 152 of the Constitution between 3-4 April, he is confident that the Prime Minister and all ministers Even though we've only been in charge of the country for a little over 6 months, various measures have been put in place. To continuously solve problems for the people I believe that every minister Will explain the facts and answer ques tions from the opposition on every issue. Because they work hard Take the opportunity to explain the government's work to the people so they can understand. When asked how he would like to see the opposition perform its duties this time, Mr. Thanakorn said that he believed that the opposition as a whole party had advanced far. The Democrat Party is already a professional opposition. Personally, I hope to see you perform your duties. It is quality opposition. There is complete information and evidence to support the discussion. Use council time wisely Work on new and creative politics Don't invent rhetoric. or use playing techniques in parliament To create dramatic content issues I believe that we will see the opposition perform its duties with maturity. Respect the agreement of both sides' whips. 'I want to see the opposition act in top form. The discussions are of good quality. Do not make false accusations or trick each other for free. Use polite, creative, reasonable words and honor the president of the council. Honor fellow members Because it is considered to be respectful to the people,' Mr. Thanakorn said. Source: Thai News Agency

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