The Chamber of Commerce supports the “Thailand-EU FTA” to help trade. A lot of investment

Bangkok, 1st Vice Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce reveals he is ready to support the "Thailand-EU FTA" to help trade. There was a lot of investment between Thailand and the European Union. Negotiations were successful. Dr. Poj Aramwattananon The 1st Vice Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce revealed that according to His Excellency the Prime Minister, Mr. Settha Thavisin is scheduled to visit France-Italy-Japan. Between 15 - 24 May 2024 by the Chamber of Commerce We see this as a good opportunity to negotiate and expedite the preparation of the Thai-European Union (EU) FTA to be completed quickly. To expand trade and investment opportunities especially agricultural products and food which is the main business of Thailand or the "kitchen of the world" automobiles and parts Blankets and textiles, chemicals, plastics, etc., as well as strengthening the country's competitiveness. Since Thailand has been deprived of its GSP privileges by the EU since 2015, it has caused Thailand's trade and investme nt in the EU to decline significantly. Loss of ability to compete in trade If this negotiation reaches an agreement and is successful. It will cause trade and investment of both sides to expand. The EU is a large market. It has the highest purchasing power in the world, consisting of 27 countries with a combined population of over 448 million people. Thai investors have more opportunities to invest in the EU, such as the petrochemical industry, retail, agriculture and food. Meanwhile Can attract more EU investors to invest in Thailand, such as maritime transportation, finance, insurance, clean energy business, education and scientific research, etc. 'The Chamber of Commerce We are pleased to fully support His Excellency the Prime Minister in negotiating the Thai-EU FTA in order to increase efficiency in trade and investment, as well as promote the exchange of technological innovations. Research, development, and education which are beneficial to Thailand. In the framework of the Thai-EU FTA negotiations, th ere are clear terms that Both sides must respect international rules on environmental standards. Sustainability of natural resources and marine resources Including protecting labor rights, which requires joint discussion with all relevant sectors. However, the Chamber of Commerce hopes that the negotiations will be successful quickly. This will help Thailand maintain market share in the EU. Thailand is ready to allow foreigners to invest in Thailand. We therefore invite the EU to invest as well,' said Dr. Poj. In addition, during the visit of His Excellency the Prime Minister and the Chamber of Commerce to Italy, a Thai - Italian Business Forum will be held on May 20, 2024 at UNIONCAMERE, Rome, in collaboration with UNIONCAMERE (Italian Chamber of Commerce) and the Italian Embassy. Based in Thailand To be a platform to promote trade and investment cooperation between Thailand and Italy, especially in the areas of food, fashion (silk), lifestyle products. (ceramics and furniture) and there was also an MOU s igning ceremony between the Thai Chamber of Commerce and UNIONCAMERE to strengthen and enhance trade cooperation between the private sector of the two countries. Especially supporting SMEs and Thai farmers as well. Source: Thai News Agency