The Comptroller General’s Department sets up a special team Accelerate disbursement of the 2024 budget

Ministry of Finance, The Comptroller General's Department sets up a special team. Accelerate disbursement of the 2024 budget during the remaining 5 months. Mrs. Patricia Mongkhonvanich, Director-General of the Comptroller General's Department, revealed that the budget receiving unit has approximately 5 months to disburse the 2024 budget to support government agencies to expedite disbursement quickly. The Government Procurement and Supplies Management Problems Committee has established guidelines for greater speed. By reducing procurement time in fiscal year 2024 The committee monitors and expedites budget disbursement and government spending. Measures have been established to expedite budget disbursement for fiscal year 2024 as follows: Accelerate the disbursement of funds to cover the disbursement years of fiscal year 2023 so that they can be disbursed within the second quarter of fiscal year 2024, especially in the area of ??expenses that have already incurred debt. For items that are in the process of procurement, debt creation and disbursement must be expedited quickly. Set the delivery time for work to be faster. and disbursement according to law and related regulations Set a target for disbursing the overall budget at 93 percent, disbursing the budget for regular expenses at 98 percent, disbursing the budget for capital expenditures at 75 percent, and a target for disbursing the budget for overall expenditures, current expenses, and capital expenditures at 100 percent. to government agencies Proceed as follows: 4.1 When the allocation has been approved. In the case of items that must be processed or disbursed by a regional office Expedite the process of sending the allocation funds to the regional offices within 5 days from the date of approval of the allocation funds. In order for the regional office to continue spending or creating debt obligations. 4.2 Investment items in a single year must complete the debt obligations within June 2024. For new commitment items, the debt obligations must be com pleted within July 2024. 4.3 The unit head The work of the budget owner supervises Manage and expedite operations To be able to raise debt and disburse budget funds quickly. 'The Comptroller General's Department has set up a special working group to follow up and expedite budget spending, 175 teams, divided into 90 central teams, with special experts. Be the team leader, responsible for presenting to the committee to follow up and expedite the budget spending of the responsible agency. and 85 regional teams (9 regional treasury teams, 76 provincial treasury teams) responsible for following up and expediting budget disbursement of agencies in the province. There is also a working group to supervise and follow up and expedite budget disbursement. to give advice Solve various obstacles for the special working group,' said the Director-General of the Comptroller General's Department. Source: Thai News Agency

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