The council cleaned up and adjusted the area after yesterday’s rain.

Parliament, The House of Representatives rushes to adjust the area after the rain caused trees to fall. The entire glass door was broken. Meanwhile, the air conditioner has returned to normal operation. Reporters reported that After yesterday (May 13) there was heavy rain. In addition, there was a strong gust of wind that caused damage to the large trees planted along the walkway leading to the hall in the building. House of Representatives side And the area near the cafeteria on the Senate side collapsed, blocking the walkway. And there was broken glass inside the Senate building. This morning (May 14), officials gradually cut down tree branches that had fallen on some of the buildings. which from observation It was found that the sling holding the tree to the ground had come loose because of the wind, causing the tree to fall on the building. Officials therefore planned to move and dig out large trees and adjust the area to return to normal. Meanwhile, the glass of the door was so broken that it had comp letely fallen off on the 9th and 10th floors of the Senate building. Officials cleaned up broken glass. and went in for repairs in order to return to normal use As for the air conditioning inside the parliament building, The air conditioning system broke yesterday. This results in stuffy weather throughout the building. This morning we were able to return to normal use. Source: Thai News Agency