The court approves the issuance of arrest warrants for 3 young Korean men in the barrel murder case.

Bangkok, The Southern Bangkok Criminal Court approves the issuance of arrest warrants for three South Korean suspects. The case of murder and stuffing a water bucket into a fellow countryman After this afternoon (May 14), a team of investigators investigated the murder of a South Korean man. before stuffing the corpse into a tank The Metropolitan Police Headquarters held a meeting to consider requesting the jurisdiction of the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court. Arrest warrants issued for three South Korean men, Mr. Hyungwon Kim, Mr. Yangjin Lee, and Mr. Rowoon Lee, who were involved in the murder of a fellow countryman in this case. As the news has been presented previously Latest in the evening The news team received information from the investigating team in this case that Now, the South Bangkok Criminal Court has approved the issuance of arrest warrants for the three South Korean suspects on five charges, including conspiring to rape another person. Together they take people for ransom. together to kill o thers Hidden destruction of corpses and jointly receiving property and using other people's electronic cards illegally The Southern Bangkok Criminal Court has considered issuing an arrest warrant. Because there is reasonable evidence that The accused has committed an offense that carries a high prison sentence of more than 3 years and has reasonable grounds to believe that he will escape. The three suspects were arrested and transported to Khlong Tan Police Station. Source: Thai News Agency