The Legal Execution Department organized a debt mediation event for Student Loan Fund and households.

The Legal Execution Department organized a mediation fair to help with Student Loan Fund debt (SLF) and household debt. Kamphaeng Phet Province Able to successfully mediate with a capital of more than 92 million baht February 3, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. Mr. Seksan Suksaeng, Director-General of the Legal Execution Department Chaired the opening ceremony of the Student Loan Fund (SLF) and household debt mediation fair. Kamphaeng Phet Province With Mr. Chaiyaphruek Cheerthanrak Permanent Secretary of Kamphaeng Phet Province gave a welcome speech to Mr. Teerapat Noisard, an expert legal expert. Acting Director of the Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Legal Execution Office gave the report, which included the Administrative Committee of the Legal Execution Department. Participate in the opening ceremony and join in supervising the work of officials at the event with government agencies Financial institutions and the private sector attended the event, totaling 9 locations, including 1. Student Loan Fund (SLF) 2. Government Savi ngs Bank 3. Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Company Limited 4. Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited. ) 5. Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives 6. Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited 7. JMT Network Services Public Company Limited 8. J Asset Management Company Limited and 9. JK Asset Management Company Limited at Rattanaapa Auditorium Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University Mediation results There were 317 matters that entered the mediation process, with a capital of 118,556,573.45 baht. The mediation results were successful, 262 matters, with a capital of 92,405,763.91 baht, accounting for 84 percent, reducing expenses for the people in the amount of 3,427,172.91 baht. The Legal Execution Department would like to invite people who have debt. and the court has given a verdict You can contact to request mediation. Free of charge at the Dispute Mediation Center 0 2881 5085 or the Legal Execution Department hotline 1111 press 79 and Legal Execution offices nationwide . Source: Thai News Agency

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