Transforming Yaowarat Road into a pedestrian street. Welcoming tourists in full


Yaowarat, The entire Yaowarat Road from Odeon Roundabout has been transformed into a walking street. There are food booths on both sides. and auspicious items for Chinese New Year Welcoming tourists in full Chinese New Year Festival at Yaowarat It is considered a tourist destination. Not only Thai people But it is also a haven for Bangkok's famous street food. At Yaowarat Chinese New Year, TAT and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration partners join together to transform over 1.5 kilometers of Dragon Road into a street of famous food with hundreds of shops. In addition, there are decorations in the style of ancient Chinese culture. And rehearsals for a cultural performance for the evening have begun. Even just practicing, there were many tourists waiting to take pictures. It's said to be very lively. In the evening the performance will definitely be full. Yaowarat Road is lit up with a tunnel of lights and spectacular lanterns. Atmosphere celebrating the golden year of prosperity On the occasion of Chinese N ew Year Festival Set it up like this for 2 days and 2 nights this Saturday and Sunday. Until midnight. Source: Thai News Agency