Two employees sat on the roof of a garbage truck and hit their heads against a tunnel beam.

Kanchanaburi, Two garbage collectors sat on the roof of a garbage truck. As the car drove through a 4 meter high underpass, they were unable to avoid hitting their heads on the beam and causing both their deaths. Police at Tha Ruea Police Station, Kanchanaburi Province, were informed that there was an incident with a garbage truck. A Subdistrict Administrative Organization Has gone out to collect garbage in the area of ??Don Cha-em sub-district. And as the car passed through the tunnel Motorway road, 4 meters high, in Tha Maka District Kanchanaburi Province There were two garbage collectors who hit their heads on a tunnel beam and were seriously injured. Was taken to Makarak Hospital and could not endure the wounds and both died. As for the two dead, Mr. Apinyo Benchachat, age 24, and Mr. Narongsak Chanthong, age 27, both were residents of Kanchanaburi Province. Preliminary results found that two people died because their heads were split open and their skulls were fractured from force. Hit hard against th e tunnel beam. While the driver, Mr. Chuchat, 43 years old, gave a statement to the police, saying that he did not know when the two men had sat on the roof of the car. After going out to collect garbage Prepare to take trash to the waste treatment point. Until I found out again Well, the incident had already happened because there was a loud noise coming from behind while passing through the tunnel. While the police filed charges "Driving carelessly It caused other people to be injured and died.' As for the bodies of both cases, they were taken to the Ratchaburi Center for Forensic Medicine Institute. for further autopsy. Source: Thai News Agency

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