Understanding is probably better than changing back and forth.


Parliament, Deputy Minister of Transport asks for 90 days to get an answer on adjusting bus lines. Ready to listen to every opinion Point out that understanding is probably better than changing numbers back and forth. Confirmed that the Public Transport Ticket Act will be submitted to the Cabinet this month after "Suphanat" teaching boxing was boiled by the police. Giving random information Changing the line number confuses people. Mr. Suphanat Minchainan, MP for Bangkok, Kaew Klai Party, posted a live thread asking questions about the arrangement of bus lines that have been adjusted to new line numbers. make people confused Both at the Department of Land Transport I once did a public hearing and found that people did not agree. Therefore, I would like to ask Mr. Suraphong Piyachote, Deputy Minister of Transport. As a supervisor, the Department of Land Transport is aware of the issue of new bus line numbering. which was edited by Mr. Suriya Therefore, Rungruangkit Minister of Transport along with a request t o correct the bus line number Mr. Suraphong explained that driving is divided into colored zones. Within the zone, if you go up and get lost, you will come back to the same point. which is running the car within the colored zone only The bus code section Accept that the government came in later and tried to study and make corrections. What would the majority of the reactions be like? There would probably be a Central Transportation Committee to take action. As for changing back and forth Not sure if it will be a good result or not. Or will we increase public relations to make the public understand? It is expected that within 90 days we will receive an answer. Make Mr. Suphanat He also reiterated that Organizing zones like this He was boiled by the Department of Land Transport (DLPW) because the arrangement of zones and directions on the map was very wrong and random. Meanwhile, bus reform has caused problems. Importantly, it reduces the running cycle as well. I want the government to subsidize buses and inc rease the number of buses. Not only interested in the electric train Does the government view bus users as second-class citizens? So I would like to ask the Minister. How to solve the problem of buses not running full circle? And which provinces will be pushed to have public transportation? Mr. Suraphong explained that the government is not complacent. Next, buses will be the heroes in Bangkok that will become EVs. Today, the wheel and rail systems will be interconnected. In the future, thousands of BMTA buses will disappear from the road. The running route will change in many ways. Today the government has been working for half a year, trying to plan, adjusting old problems. Let's connect to create integration together. 'You will see changes in Thailand's transportation system, especially public transportation, mass transit in the provinces. We have decentralized power so that localities can come together to manage bus operations. Today's integrated links In the future, the role of the bus station will be reduced. If the double-track and high-speed railway is completed As for the number I am not confirming whether we did the right thing or the wrong thing. But I'm not complacent. Ready to listen to all opinions,' Mr. Suraphong said. Mr. Suphanat asked the last question: Since the government announced its policy to parliament Still haven't seen the overall picture of mass transit. and common tickets of the bus system Will there be a ship or not? which Mr. Suraphong Clarifies that the Common Ticket Act will be submitted to the Cabinet within this month. Source: Thai News Agency